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Where to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money in 2021

The cost of textbooks is one of the most common financial issues facing students today.
Allan T
Sep 21, 2021

Why Sell College Textbooks

There are many different reasons why a student might not be able to afford textbooks, and sadly, there is no "one size fits all" solution. For this reason, the best course of action may vary depending on the individual student and their household situation.

The average cost of tuition and other related costs has risen by more than 30% over the last decade alone, leaving millions of students with huge debt loads that they’ll struggle to pay off once enrolled into adulthood. In the process, schools have created new problems for themselves by overloading students with too many courses they don’t need or can barely afford.

Sell Used Textbooks Online

Being a student certainly isn't cheap, but there is a lot that can be saved during the process. For example, the textbooks you buy aren't yours to just throw away after use - they're parts of an investment that will help you ease your studying load substantially. Nowadays, there are many websites you could use to sell your college textbooks and get paid back. 

Let’s dive into 15 different textbook-selling sites that offer easy service and high prices!

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This service has all the basics you need to sell your now-useless textbooks. A quick built-in search feature will give you an approximation of how much profit you can make. The final price can vary depending on the demand, rarity, and condition of the book. Once you are done with the numbers - you can seal the deal. These guys will cover the shipment so all that's needed from you is a quick trip to the nearest post office. Once the delivery is verified - you'll get your money via direct transaction. That's it - now you can start spending your earning. The process is very simple and straightforward. Just what a student needs when they are busy with college.


The best way to make money with textbooks is to list them on a website where people buy and sell things. eCampus is perfect for this since it has an easy-to-use interface and a marketplace full of products. When people see that there are listings for college textbooks, they have a high interest in buying the item and will usually pay top dollar for it. This is why you can earn great profits from selling textbooks online!

The eCampus platform allows anyone to list any textbook they have handy. This makes it easier for students to find low-cost options while still giving publishers a chance to reach a wider audience. Students can also buyback college textbooks directly from the publishers via the website. For a number of publishers, this is a viable revenue model as it allows them to reach students with a wide audience while introducing them to potential new readers as well as reducing print costs for students.

eCampus takes a 15% commission off each textbook they sell and they’ll pay you via direct bank deposit.


There’s been an outpouring of interest in used textbooks over the past few years – as word-of-mouth has spread about the importance of having inexpensive textbooks on hand to use at schools and universities. BooksRun is helping in getting booksellers, online stores, and even publishers to start selling used textbooks. 

That means there are two problems that publishers and sellers have to solve: getting the highest price for your textbooks, and keeping the customer happy while they're at it. When it comes to getting paid, with BooksRun it’s simple and easy, you can choose between a check or PayPal.


Are you looking to sell used textbooks online? College textbooks are extremely popular among students, and there are many different ways you can advertise your product. The most popular and effective option is to use the BookScouter platform, which allows students and professors to find and advertise used textbooks. 

Anyone can buyback college textbooks on the platform so long as they provide a few basic details about the item including its ID number, publisher, and description.


Selling textbooks online has never been easier and more convenient than it is today with Decluttr. And although textbooks are by no means cheap to buy, selling them can bring in an amazing profit. 

With Decluttr you can sell or buy textbooks, and make money. It's really that simple! With their easy-to-use interface, you can list your books, get reviews from satisfied customers and find out just how much your textbooks are selling online.

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The Bookbyte Team has successfully kept prices down and shipping time fast, so you can ship your books directly to them at no cost at all! College students are always looking for new books and oftentimes are pushed to buy or rent textbooks that aren’t necessarily the best value for them.

On average, students spend $500 on textbooks each semester; however, if you are able to discount those prices by as much as 90% (or even more) students will be able to pay off their education, resulting in more money added to their potential earnings. 


This site specializes in selling used textbooks from reputable academic publishers at impressive prices. Textbooks are an indispensable tool in every college student's toolbox and this site makes it easy to find the best deals and lowest prices for buyers. 

Cash4Books will sell college textbooks at the highest possible price without any shipping breaks or delays - if you’re honest about the general state of the textbook, of course. 

You can either sell the book(s) in advance through their website or through a third-party retailer and get paid immediately after it’s sold. They price their books according to the used book industry standard which includes MSRP which is the manufacturer's suggested retail price for a new book. 


If you are thinking of selling your textbooks online, ValoreBooks is currently the best place to sell them. Founded in 2012, this vast and innovative publisher has built a high-quality platform that allows users to buy and sell almost any textbook electronically. 

Using their platform, you can sell college textbooks in an easily understood selling format. Textbooks are one of the most commonly offered collectibles on the web, so if you are looking to resell your textbooks online and generate extra revenue from that existing inventory, this would be a great way to do it.

They have a minimum $15 order, so you’ll have to wait until you sell to reach that price. They also offer PayPal or check-paying services.


Get the best discount, promotion, and inventory placement for used textbooks online with BookFinder. With over 20 years of experience in placing and marketing used books, they make it easy for anyone to find top-quality textbooks at reduced prices. Use their powerful inventory sourcing software to instantly find print on demand or hard-to-find titles that are quickly selling out at traditional booksellers across the nation. 

Sell your textbooks and bring in money, or gain access to a growing market of students and teachers who need used textbooks at affordable prices. With more than 150 million books for sale, there’s no doubt your textbook will find a new home.


If you are regularly in the market for new textbooks or selling the ones you have, you are in luck! TextbookRush offers online textbooks at affordable prices. They are available in a wide range of subject areas and languages, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, and business courses. 

Students can choose from print or online textbooks that cover basic concepts and terminology as well as advanced analysis techniques and case studies. If you have something laying around in any of those fields, feel free to make a posting, and sell your textbooks!

Student 2 Student

Have you ever thought about selling textbooks online? It's a possibility that some students might not even consider, but it's a profitable one. At Student 2 Student, the more books you sell, the more money you can put toward paying off your education debt. Textbooks can be used as collateral for a loan, so having good access to them can be hugely beneficial for selling your product/services online. 

But Student 2 Student is a bit different - you’re going to sell textbooks to real students near you, hence the name! It’s a great opportunity to make money, and meet new people that share your worldviews or have similar college struggles.

Textbook Buyer

Most people think that selling textbooks is only for people who go to college. But the truth is, there are many people who purchase textbooks through online vendors who may not even be related to students. These vendors may sell textbooks at a lower price because they have access to lower production costs and larger customer databases.

If you are interested in profiting from selling textbooks while still being able to use your college education, then consider utilizing the Textbook Buyer service. You’ll receive a check shortly after you submit your book, but the textbooks have to be in great condition to go through.

Barnes & Noble

There are several ways you can use your textbooks to earn money. Ideally, you'd like to sell your textbooks online on Barnes & Noble site as a way to bring in some extra cash, but there are a few details that need to be taken into account before you actually begin selling your books online. 

The first thing you'll need to do is determine which type of textbook you want to sell. There are two popular options: everyday textbooks and specialized textbooks. Everyday textbooks are the ones that your average person would buy if they needed a reference book for school; they're filled with information and illustrations that are relevant to the lessons they're teaching. Specialty textbooks are written by experts who have specific knowledge related to the subject matter. 

The payment is available one to two weeks after receiving the shipment and is available by check or PayPal. You also have to sell at least $10 worth of books before cashing out.


Amazon has been the leading online college bookstore for more than a decade. As its popularity has grown, colleges and students have begun to realize the financial benefits of using Amazon as a distribution channel. Selling textbooks is a popular way to earn money through the platform as well as to gain access to new students who might be interested in your expertise. 

The most popular books among college students are written by classics professors and prior experts in the fields they're covering. You can sell college textbooks, or sell textbooks you have at home for great potential income. You’ll have to answer a few questions about the book's condition and try to be honest about highlighted sentences or torn pages. The payment is usually received through the Amazon Giftcard process.


By entering your book's ISBN into GoTextbooks, a popular textbook selling site, you can get instant access to your used textbook list. When you are ready to sell your textbook, all you have to do is submit your book for free, and wait for the potential buyer!

You can print your free shipping label on the website and then ship the package to your local UPS store. GoTextbooks promises to pay you as soon as possible. However, it can take up to 2 days to 2 weeks for window delivery and processing. This is a great place to sell used textbooks, as it’s easy, fun, and takes only a little out of your day!


A relatively old school (in the digital years) but an effective way to sell things like books online is eBay. To get started, you will need to create an eBay account and enter your Paypal details in order to receive payments through it. There is a minimum auction fee for each sale, which you can deduct automatically from your PayPal account.

As with other websites, you will be asked to enter the book's ISBN, write down its status, provide your price, and enter a shipping price. There is also a comment section where you can add additional information. Make sure to write extensively about any product you’re trying to sell.

You can add details like whether the book has a clean cover, or add more information about a special function, or even the bonus CD or workbook included with the book.

Sell College Textbooks Near Me

If selling books online seems like a hassle to you, don’t worry about it. There are many ways you could sell textbooks in-person to people and college students near you. Let’s dive right in!

There are many secondhand bookshops that could serve this purpose. Here are the most well-known ones.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books is a thrift store that sells a wide variety of books. With more than 100 stores near you, chances are they have Half Price Books in your immediate area!

The store cannot give you a rating either over the phone or online; You need to take your textbooks to them directly. They get cash when they receive your book, and they accept textbooks, fiction, and even children's books.

2nd and Charles

2nd and Charles have offices in states across the country including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. You import your items and can leave them there for the 2nd and Charles staff to review and determine the overall condition and price. You'll receive a text or email notification when you're ready - to qualify to sell textbooks!

If your book is accepted, you will receive cash or credit. They offer more cash on credit in the store, but it's a great way to make money now when you need it.

Local Used Bookstores

If you have a used bookstore near you, make sure they take textbooks to resell them. When they are near campus, these shops often sell popular textbooks, so make sure to check these ones out first.

You will have to take your book to the store and will likely wait a few minutes to find out its value, in terms of how well-maintained it seems. However, it is a good option for those who do not have a car but have a bookstore within walking distance - to take a short trip.


If you live in a college town and have a lot of textbooks, trying to sell college textbooks on Craigslist might not be such a bad idea. You can sell as many as you want or divide them into different categories and classes. For example, if you are taking a compulsory first-year English course, you can sell any books you need for that course in bulk form.

Don't forget to meet in a public place to exchange books and get some cash!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a free place to sell anything, including your used college textbooks. If you live in a city with a lot of students, you can make a decent choice when deciding what to sell and to whom. 

There are no seller fees on the Facebook marketplace and you can view buyer reviews on the marketplace to make sure to get paid. 

If you are an educator who has access to classroom materials through your institution, using Facebook to reach your potential customers is an excellent way to reach new learners, too. But if you’re just a college student hoarding books at home, this could be an excellent opportunity to make some extra income.


Letgo is available as a website and app for iPhone and Android. It’s available everywhere, in most major cities including New York and San Francisco, but also in smaller cities like Tampa,  Wichita, and El Paso!

Sellers can list their goods on Letgo and then wait for buyers. Buyers can bid on Letgo prices, so sell your textbooks high and then haggle. Since you are meeting in person, all you have to do is accept cash as payment. It’s that simple! 


With OfferUp you can sell items both locally and online. To sell online, you need to enable the "Sell and ship nationwide" feature. A 12.99% service fee is charged for goods that are being shipped.

OfferUp is available as an app for iPhone and Android as well as on desktop computers. It instantly finds your location to see what's located closest to where you are. You can communicate with buyers directly from the app and users can rate each other. Low ratings or missing profile pictures can mean red flags, so make sure you stay away from those and keep your rating as high as possible.

This will ensure buyers will find you trustworthy and feel free to buy your textbooks with no hesitation in doing so!


NextDoor is not a sales app. This is a website where you can join a local neighborhood community online. People post information about yard sales, different community events, and stuff they’d like to sell or get rid of.

You can definitely make posts about selling your textbooks here. Since the audience lives near you, this is a great option if you sell books and don't have access to a car. You may have a hard time finding customers, so don't count on selling all of your books immediately. You can even use this opportunity to buyback college textbooks, or to meet new students that study in the same or similar field as you!

Final Thoughts

A textbook is a valuable asset for anyone who wants to learn or teach; it can be used as a teaching aid, reference work, or a source of entertainment. A well-designed and illustrated textbook can help you teach others more effectively, and increase your own sales.

When selling your textbooks online or in-person, it’s important to have a few things in mind:

  • Check multiple sites and different sources to get the best price.
  • Clean them and have a protective covering.
  • Be extremely honest when describing their state.
  • Don’t put the price too high, make it as reasonable as you can.
  • Create a great posting, with clear photos, descriptions, and a payment method.

If you make sure to follow these steps, you’ll help other students get books for lower prices, and make some money along the way. It’s a win-win scenario!

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