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Best Online Tutoring Websites

In this guide, we will evaluate and compare the best online tutoring websites for your convenience. We have 10 options to consider, and all options cater to a plethora of different needs.
Allan T
Sep 17, 2023

Whether you need general help with a subject, need help with learning a language, or need guidance in developing your professional skills, you can find what you need from one of these top online tutoring services.

  1. Khan Academy
  2. Chegg Tutors
  3. Wyzant
  5. Varsity Tutors
  6. VIPKid
  7. Preply
  8. Skooli
  9. Brainfuse
  10. Revolution Prep

Best Overall: Khan Academy

For students who like gamified learning for its more engaging aspects, learning from a tutor at Khan Academy can prove to be fulfilling. Khan Academy provides new students with extensive instructional videos, boasts a wide range of subjects, and is usable and ready to use in many different languages.

With Khan, as one of the best online tutoring services, you can make do with practice exercises, watch videos, and take advantage of a personalized dashboard.

Start for free today and take advantage of the platform’s easy-to-use online tutoring services platform.


  • Free
  • Easy To Use
  • Accessible in multiple languages
  • Gamified Learning


  • Limited Subjects

Best for Variety: Chegg Tutors

One of the best tutoring companies online, Chegg gives you access to private tutoring for a plethora of different subjects. You can get tutoring for over 500 subjects.

Compared to other online tutoring services, Chegg is particularly great for college students and specifically for those who need expert tutoring sessions in math problems, science, and engineering. So, if you’re a STEM student, this is a noteworthy option. 

While it’s not for free, the variety of options that they provide is a big plus for students. You can even rent textbooks and get help with finding scholarships online.

These services complement the tutoring services perfectly. 


  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of subjects
  • Qualified tutors
  • Technological tools for different learning styles


  • Limited to high school and college levels
  • No in-person tutoring

Best for Flexibility: Wyzant 

Wyzant is one of your most flexible options among the tutoring sites since you can choose a perfect tutor based on their profile. The platform even provides background checks on their tutors. You’ll be able to review your tutor’s qualifications, teaching experience and capabilities by looking at their reviews, skills, credentials, and so on.

Students will also be able to schedule lessons in real time or online. Whatever works best for them.

We found that Wyzant, just like some tutoring platforms, also offers help for many subject options, so you won’t find yourself short-handed when using their platform against the other top tutoring websites we've presented.


  • Wide range of tutors and subjects
  • Background checks available


  • The need for self-promotion by tutors can affect student choices

Best for Last-Minute Orders: Tutor

With Tutor, you get access to online tutoring services around the clock and can get help for over 250 subjects. 24/7 service lets you access their help for any last-minute calls and urgent requests. Tutor boasts a great support team and is accessible to students of all ages.

While they may not offer as many subject options as some of the other tutoring online companies we’ve showcased, their on-demand tutoring features provide a quick solution for those who need it.


  • On-demand tutoring
  • Expert Tutors
  • Anonymity


  • No in-person interactions
  • Limited tutoring sessions length

Best for Access to The Most Tutors: Varsity Tutors

If we’re looking at sheer numbers from this guide of the best online tutoring sites, then we have Varsity Tutors coming out as the top contender.

It’s the largest online tutoring service in the U.S. However, they don’t provide the exact number of experienced tutors they have in their database. 

If you’re looking for in-person and online tutoring, you can get behind this platform’s massive tutor network. 


  • Diverse subject offerings
  • High-quality tutors
  • Personalized learning options


  • Pricing can be on the higher side
  • Some students may find it overwhelming due to the variety of options                                                                          

Best for English Language Learning: VIPKid

Amongst these options of the best tutoring websites, we’ve found that VIPKid is great for learning the English language, especially for complete beginners. Popular primarily in China, VIPKid offers specialized English lessons with proficient online English tutors with flexible scheduling. 

Couple it with a tutoring service like Studyfy that helps you write tasks like essays by sending in a “write my essay” request, and you can propel forward your learning progress.


  • High-quality ESL lessons for children
  • User-friendly platform


  • Limited subject options (primarily English)

Best for Language Learning: Preply

Find the best online tutors for language learning on Preply right now. If you’re a student who needs expert guidance on learning a variety of different languages, then don’t miss out on this platform. We’ve evaluated that they can help you in many languages and subjects and offer you great pricing options and scheduling flexibility. 


  • Vast selection of online tutors that teach English and other academic subjects
  • Flexible pricing based on tutor expertise
  • Students can choose their preferred tutor
  • Availability of group lessons


  • Pricing can be expensive for highly qualified tutors
  • No standardized curriculum

Best for K-12 Students: Skooli

Find the best online tutoring for K-12 students on Skooli, with its pay-as-you-go pricing options and its focus on K-12 subjects. Need help in math?

This is a great choice to use for that.

You can take advantage of real-time and interactive online tutoring. Skooli provides you with certified tutors, and beyond their help on K-12 subjects, you can find guidance for homework and exams. 


  • Specialized in K-12 education
  • Live video lessons with a virtual whiteboard and screen sharing capabilities
  • Homework assistance and test preparation


  • Limited subject variety beyond K-12
  • Potentially higher pricing
  • Not suitable for college-level subjects                                                     

Best for General Academic Support: Brainfuse

If you need a well-rounded site from these top tutoring companies, then Brainfuse offers tutoring services as well as writing help, homework help, skill development lessons, and test prep guidance. They offer a plethora of services for all grade levels too.

If you’re thinking, “I need someone to write my discussion board post,” then you’ve come to the right place. Brainfuse’s services encompass many aspects of academic support, and stellar writing is one of their services.


Wide range of academic support servicesIntegration with educational institutionsAccessible for free through some libraries


Limited subject variety compared to specialized platformsMay not offer the same depth of expertise as specialized tutors                  

Best for SAT and ACT Test Prep: Revolution Prep

Among the tutoring services, if you’re specifically looking for the best one for test prep, then Revolution Prep is your ideal pick. Need to prepare for your SATs? Don’t look any further than Revolution prep. They specialize in test preps but they also offer help for regular work in other subjects.

Their tutors are highly qualified. You can take advantage of customizable study plans, efficient progress-tracking tools, and more. There’s no need for you to worry about your test grades anymore. The sooner you start with a service like Revolution Prep, the better.


  • Specialized in test preparation with private tutors
  • Customized study plans and progress tracking
  • High-quality resources for standardized tests


  • Limited to test preparation; not suitable for other subjects
  • Higher service fee due to specialized services

Key Takeaways To Choosing The Right Service

The best tutoring companies for elementary, high school, and college students will have certain reliable elements in place, like a large tutor database (qualified), useful options, niche services, and a great reputation. 

What else can you keep in mind when choosing the right service? Let’s consider some key takeaways to make choosing easier: 

  • Evaluate their tutors: Review their tutors online and ensure they are qualified, certified, and have a good reputation.

  • Check out their subject options and specializations: If you’re looking for specific services, it’s better to pick a service specializing in something, like test preps. If you want diversity in your options, go for the ones that offer variety and are more well-rounded.

  • Review if there is customization and flexibility in their offers: Personalization makes better results and accommodates your needs better. Using a service with a higher degree of this can be more advantageous. 
  • Check out their pricing and their payment options: Depending on how much you want to spend, you should check out the pricing service provides. Remember that higher prices don’t always mean better service. 
  • Read up on reviews and testimonials: The public sentiment can always reveal more of the website’s true quality.

Get a grasp on their safety and privacy policies: Opt for those that grant anonymity and are credible resources.

Comparison Table

Student Tutoring Services Comparison

Service Name School Level Price (Per Hour) Test Prep Available
Khan Academy K-14 Free Yes (SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT)
Chegg Tutors High School, College $15 for 30 min/week or $30 for 1 hr/month Yes (ACT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT)
Wyzant Elementary to College $10 - $65 Yes K-12 $39.99 Yes
Varsity Tutors High School, College, Various Exams $50 - $100 Yes
VIPKid Not Available Not Available Not Available
Preply Adults and Children $10 - $38.90 Yes, in over 100 subjects
Skooli Elementary-College Level $19-20 Yes
Brainfuse American School and College Students $12 - $17 Yes
Revolution Prep Kindergarten to College $25 - $40 Yes

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Final Thoughts

An online tutor can be an indispensable resource for becoming better at school, gaining academic success, and developing your strengths and weaknesses. As a student, using any of the services in our guide can be beneficial in many ways. Among all these choices, we’ve established that Khan Academy is the best overall. 

The fact that Khan Academy can be used for free is one of the main reasons for our verdict. Many students cannot afford to hire an expensive tutor online, and for urgent situations, a free-to-use platform like Khan Academy can be a game-changer for many students. 

Not only is it free, but it also offers help options for many subjects; it provides valuable educational resources and helps with test preparation. It’s diverse, well-rounded, free to use, and the easiest to access from all the options we’ve showcased. It hosts everyone, from an online English tutor to virtual classroom language arts and pre k lessons.

We hope this list of the best online tutoring services for college students, high school students, and elementary students proves useful to you. Pair it up with services like Studyfy and send in a “do my assignment” request now, and get the best and most well-rounded expert help you can get online today. 

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Which is the best online tutoring service?

The best tutoring online service overall is Khan Academy; however, we invite you to explore the other options we’ve showcased in this guide. Remember to consider your interests and specific needs. This is the only way you can zero in on the best service for you.

We’ve listed down the pros, cons, and prices. Just take a look at it and come to your conclusions.

Are these online tutoring platforms reputable and credible? 

Certainly, not only are these the best online tutoring platforms, but they have the reputation to back them up. Research any of these websites, and you’ll find out they’ve been providing high-quality services for years and have regular customers.

How does pricing work for these services? 

Please visit their websites to get a good idea of their pricing models. This list of the best tutoring services has different pricing models and options. Please refer to the “Comparison Table” to get a good idea of the general prices the different services offer.                                                                                                                  

Whether you need help and need someone to do my Powerpoint Presentation or something else, prices vary. Be meticulous at finding which pricing options suit you best.

Is hiring an online tutor from online tutoring services worth my investment?

If you choose to spend money on one of the best sites for online tutoring found in our guide, we’re sure you’ll get value for your money. Having an expert tutor who can share their knowledge and insight with you can be an invaluable resource moving forward.