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Best places to study

Do you find it hard to study at home? Then you’d better keep reading because we’ve prepared an amazing selection of study places for you!
Elizabeth Shirley
Mar 27, 2024

What are the best places to study?

Selecting the best study spot can significantly impact your learning efficiency and concentration. Ideal options include:

  1. Libraries: Quiet, resource-rich environments perfect for deep focus.
  2. Coffee Shops: Great for those who thrive in a lively atmosphere and need a caffeine boost.
  3. Outdoor Spaces: Offers fresh air and natural light, ideal for reading and creative thinking.
  4. University Study Rooms: Specifically designed for student productivity, often with access to Wi-Fi and power outlets.
  5. Home Study Area: A dedicated quiet zone at home can offer the ultimate personalized study environment.

Finding the right spot to study is not easy. Sure, the most obvious option would be to use a dedicated room or at least a desk.

Yet, not everyone has that luxury. Some students share rooms with messy or loud neighbors; some have to rent a space that’s barely suitable for a student. With this housing market, we are lucky to have a place to live. 

But that sets us on a quest to find good places to study outside the home. Whether it’s a nearby coffee shop or a distant tropical country - everything goes as long as you can focus on your studies.

Cafes & coffee shops

When thinking about where to study, coffee shops and cafes immediately come to mind. And the reason for that is very simple. Most of such cafes already have the perfect atmosphere for focus and attention. The music played there is often calm and relaxing, and you can get coffee and desserts for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Most students don’t have the elaborate setup you need to brew restaurant-grade coffee at home, so going out for caffeine seems reasonable. It does, however, only until you calculate how much it costs in the long run. Because once you do, those study spots start feeling like a huge expense rather than a convenience.

Free & inexpensive options

When looking at public places to study, you can’t forget a trusty old library. Your university is bound to have one, which can be your safe space away from the noise. If your school doesn’t have a library, or you don’t want to use it for any reason, why not pay a city library a visit? If anything, it might be even nicer and just as free.

Libraries are quiet, have all the resources you need, and, most importantly, are free. You can rent the books you need for class and then return them immediately after the study session. 

Public parks and outdoor spaces can provide refuge during the warm season. There’s nothing more comforting than just being outside in the warm sun, surrounded by nature. Being in that setting can help you let go of anxiety and focus on work.

Many parks have tables for playing chess or picnicking, so writing a paper shouldn’t be too hard, as long as your laptop can hold a charge. If not, just focus on reading and manual writing.

Student unions & centers

Many colleges and universities provide alternative places to study. They can double as spaces for student clubs or other gatherings, which is why you should first check with the schedule for availability. But if the coast is clear, feel free to occupy a room for an hour or two! Whether you need it to order a paper from Studyfy or to read a book for class, you can’t neglect the need for a quiet place. 

Those rooms may also be used for study groups. It’s normal to need a partner for studying. You will hold each other accountable, fill in each other’s blanks and just help one another out!

Study centers or student lounges can also give you a refuge from that loud roommate. The only problem is that those places normally have lots of traffic, which means you can run into someone you know or just get involved in something unexpected.

To avoid that, consider wearing noise-canceling headphones. They will not only help you separate from the noise but also signal to potential distractors that you are busy.

College student classrooms & lecture halls

As obvious as it may seem, classrooms do make for great study places. The only problem is that they tend to be unavailable to students outside lecture times. Yet, if you have a good enough reason, for example, all the other rooms are busy, or you have a study group that fits nowhere else, you could get access to a proper classroom. 

This type of simulation could get you into even more intense focus mode since your brain already associates classrooms with studying. Getting access may be tricky, depending on your school’s policies, though.

Check with the administration, read up on the official website or ask at the school’s forum. Just remember to be respectful and leave the space as you found it. It’s not your property, after all.

What about going abroad? 

Going for a little staycation has become fully possible since Covid-19 and the era of distance learning. If your school doesn’t demand your presence 100% of the time, a tropical getaway may be just what you need. 

When choosing a place to study, look for one with an insignificant time difference. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night for a lecture.

Another factor is availability. Look for a county or a town that’s less expensive than the one you come from. This way, you will not eat through all your savings. You may be able to afford a bit more lavish lifestyle or even save money.

A staycation at your parents’

Another great way to save some cash is to stay with your parents. You will be able to sleep in your own bed, eat home-cooked meals, and explore new study spots in your hometown. You can even sublet your city apartment while you’re not using it. 

Sure, some may argue that living with your parents can be messy. All the family drama, entertaining guests who want to look at how you’ve grown and so on. But in the breaks between those visits, you can read in your dad’s study or gain practical skills in the garden if you’re a biologist, for example.

Museums & art galleries

In most big cities, many museums and art galleries offer quiet spaces to their visitors. There, you can study in peace while also being surrounded by great works of art. If you are studying art or literature, those pieces can serve as a great source of inspiration for your papers. 

However, if you can’t seem to find that inspiration, Addressing Studyfy with a write an essay for me request is even easier. Just give us your instructions, choose a writer and watch the magic happen.

Co-working spaces

Coworking spaces are normally used by workers without an office, but the truth is, you can do anything in there as long as you pay for your desk. You can rent these places to go study for a whole day or for just a couple of hours. Most of the time, you’ll get a comfortable cubicle, a computer, snacks and beverages and a stable internet connection. 

If you’re pressed for cash, look for a coworking space that offers a trial period. You can take a few hours to ‘feel the vibe,’ see if it works for you and decide if you like it. You should remember, though, that monthly subscriptions are always cheaper in the long run than daily or hourly ones.

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Wrapping up: Where should you go to study next? 

As you can see, there are countless places where you can break away from your routine and focus on homework. So, let’s recap: what are the best places to study? 

  • Cafes & coffee shops
  • Public or university library
  • Public parks & outdoor spaces
  • Student unions & centers
  • Study centers or student lounges 
  • Classrooms & lecture halls
  • Parents’ house
  • Staycation abroad
  • Museums & art galleries
  • Coworking spaces

All these are viable and time-tested options where you can go to do your homework and not be bothered by anyone. Test them for yourself and see which one works best for you personally.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best places to do homework?

These are all the same places you find the most convenient for you to study in. Check all your options, see if your library is open and if it has the amenities you need. Maybe your local coffee shop is closed or has a no-laptop policy. Go down this list, and you’ll eventually find a place to do my homework in peace and quiet.

Try to anticipate your needs. Whether you feel a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi internet access is right for you that day, go for it. Or, if you feel like ditching your dorm room and studying in public libraries in the natural light, listen to your gut.

Why do I struggle with doing my homework?

Many students find it hard to focus these days, which is exactly why we’ve created this list of places to go to study. Studying from home may prove difficult because of all the distractions from your friends or your phone. When you submerge yourself into new surroundings, your brain can get lost for a second, and this is where you grab it and put it to work before you think about opening TikTok.

Don't underestimate the power of study spaces - they're a prerequisite for a good study session.

How do I find a popular place to study? 

If you need to write my discussion post or just read up on a topic, but you can’t do it at home, you have to go out location hunting. To find the best study spots in your area, see where the people go. Another option would be to open Google Maps and look for areas highlighted yellow.

Those would be places with lots of traffic. Those spots will be perfect for you if you like areas with white noise, like coffee shops.

Speaking of coffee shops, they might be the most popular place to study - imagine yourself with your favorite drink, free Wi Fi, and plenty of seating areas. It's a perfect study spot, even for group projects or any kind of group work. Make sure to order something to say thanks for the atmosphere and the free WiFi.

What makes something the best place to study? 

So, where is a good place to study? The answer depends entirely on your personal preference. If you like studying with ambient music and listening to people talk, a coffee shop is perfect for you. If you need complete silence, go to a library. If you can’t focus in informal surroundings, use campus facilities or a coworking space. 

In short, the best study spots for college students are those where you feel most comfortable. Whether it's an empty classroom, on college campuses, in libraries, or even in hotel lobbies - you make the choice.