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Review: There were problems with homework, but Dennis helped with them!

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Dennis N.

3,892 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Philosophy, Religion and Theology, Sociology

Review: Highly Recommend this writer. Delivers A+ papers.

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Weston M.

1,297 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Mechanics, Mathematics, Management, Business

Review: Very quick replies, excellent paper, exactly what I was hoping for.

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Gabrielle W.

212 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business and Finance

Review: Wonderful work, Alex helps fixing and reorganizing my essay. His work is professional and fast 👍

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Alex D.

216 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Psychology, Literature, and healthcare

Review: Paul did an amazing job. In case of any mistakes - he was willing to fix it and make it right.

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Paul T.

7,238 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Business and Finance, Medicine and Health

Review: Bernard is the best editor. He’s quick and nails a 💯 every time! Thanks, Bernard!

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Bernard N.

1,628 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Law, Political Science, and Government

Review: Hanna is the best! She is on time and does well with last minute papers! will definitely request her again!

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Hannah T.

2,673 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Medicine, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Review: Delivered solution before deadline, no plagiarize

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Joseph P.

5,556 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: History, Sociology, Environmental Studies

Review: Amelia submitted this project early. I will definitely hire her again for another project.

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Amelia A.

1,052 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Economics, Media and Communication, Humanities

Review: I got an A. Thank you .

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Mandrine W.

454 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Business, Economics, Law, Statistics

Review: Amazing writer! so professional and happy to make any adjustments. I would highly recommend her!!

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Natalie K.

4,313 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Business and Finance,
Liberal Arts and Humanities

Review: I couldn't have asked for a better proofreader than Allen- never been this satisfied with a service before!

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Alvyn J.

2,353 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Microeconomics, Politics,  English and Literature

Review: Literally took less than a week to get me my paper! I was shocked and very appreciative.

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Max H.

1,392 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: History, Human Resource Management, Sociology

Review: Excellent writer, & always on time with the assignments.

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Harry W.

1,319 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Medicine, Biological Sciences, Criminology

Review: Excellent work! Very fast pace... Will definitely use Miranda again👍. Thank you

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Miranda L.

2,043 Completed Requests

COMPETENCES: Psychology and Sociology, Agriculture & Biological Sciences


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