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Topics for Essays on Programming Languages: Top 7 Options

Allan T
Sep 22, 2022

Topics for Essays on Programming Languages: Top 7 Options

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But if you are not planning to order a custom essay right now and want to find an interesting topic on your own, read on. We have prepared a bunch of ideas for a flawless essay that will impress your professor.


"Don’t you hate coming up with ideas for your essay? Relax - many students feel the same, especially if they don’t know much about programming languages.

Of course, you can make things easier and order an essay from your favorite paper writing service. This way, you’ll save time and effort while a professional does the job for you.

Together with that, you can always choose to buy college admission essay and increase your chances of success.But if you don’t plan to buy an essay right now and want to find a compelling topic on your own, read on. We’ve prepared a bunch of ideas for an impeccable essay that’ll wow your professor."


"If you’re a newbie when it comes to exploring Java programming language, it’s best to start with the basics not to overcomplicate your assignment. Of course, the most obvious option is to write a descriptive essay highlighting the features of Java platform editions:

- Java Standard Edition (Java SE). It allows one to develop Java applications and ensures the essential functionality of the programming language;

- Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). It's an extension of the previous edition for developing and running enterprise applications;

- Java Micro Edition serves for running applications on small and mobile devices.

You can explain the purpose of each edition and the key components to inform and give value to the readers. Or you can go in-depth and opt for a compare and contrast essay to show your understanding of the subject and apply critical thinking skills."


You probably already know that this programming language is widely used globally.

Python is perfect for beginners who want to master programming because of the simple syntax that resembles English. Besides, look at the opportunities it opens:

- developing web applications, of course;

- building command-line interface (CLI) for routine tasks automation;

- creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs);

- using helpful tools and frameworks to streamline game development;

- facilitating data science and machine learning;

- analyzing and visualizing big data.

All these points can become solid ideas for your essay. For instance, you can use the list above as the basis for argumentation why one should learn Python. After doing your research, you’ll find plenty of evidence to convince your audience.

And if you’d like to spice things up, another option is to add your own perspective to the debate on which language is better: Python or JavaScript.

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"This programming language is no less popular than the previous one. It’s even considered easier to learn for a newbie. If you master it, you’ll gain a valuable skill that can help you start a lucrative career. Just think about it:

- JavaScript is used by almost all websites;

with it, you can develop native apps for iOS and Android;

- it allows you to grasp functional, object-oriented, and imperative programming;

you can create jaw-dropping visual effects for web pages and games;

- it’s also possible to work with AI, analyze data, and find bugs.

So, drawing on the universality of JavaScript and the career opportunities it brings can become a non-trivial topic for your essay.

Hint: look up job descriptions demanding the knowledge of JavaScript. Then, compare salaries to provide helpful up-to-date information. Your professor should be impressed with your approach to writing."


"Yes, you guessed right - this programming language kind of strengthens the power of JavaScript. It allows developers to handle large-scale projects. TypeScript enables object-oriented programming and static typing; it has a single open-source compiler.

If you want your essay to stand out and show a deeper understanding of the programming basics, the best way is to go for a narrow topic. In other words, niche your writing by focusing on the features of TypeScript.

For example, begin with the types:

- Boolean;

- Number;

- String;

- Array;

- Tuple, etc.

Having elaborated on how they work, proceed to explore the peculiarities, pros, and cons of TypeScript. Explaining when and why one should opt for it as opposed to JavaScript also won't hurt.

Here, you can dive into details as much as you want, but remember to give examples and use logical reasoning to prove your claims."

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"This language intended for server-side web development has been around for a really long time: almost 80% of websites still use it. But there’s a stereotype that PHP can’t compete with other modern programming languages. Thus, the debates on whether PHP is still relevant do not stop. Why not use this fact to compose a top-notch analytical essay?

Here’s how you can do it:

1. research and gather information, especially statistics from credible sources;

2. analyze how popular the programming language is and note the demand for PHP developers;

3. provide an unbiased overview of its perks and drawbacks and support it with examples;

4. identify the trends of using PHP in web development;

5. make predictions about the popularity of PHP over the next few years.

If you put enough effort into crafting your essay, it’ll not only deserve an “A” but will also become a guide for your peers interested in programming."


"Swift was created for iOS applications development, and people argue that this programming language is the easiest to learn. So, how about checking whether this statement is true or false?

The creators of Swift aimed to make it as convenient and efficient as possible. Let’s see why programmers love it:

- first of all, because it’s compatible with Apple devices;

- the memory management feature helps set priorities for introducing new functionality;

- if an error occurs, recovering is no problem;

- the language boasts a concise code and is pretty fast to learn;

- you can get advice from the dedicated Swift community if necessary.

Thus, knowing all these benefits, you can build your arguments in favor of learning Swift. But we also recommend reflecting on the opposite point of view to present the whole picture in your essay. And if you want to dig deeper, opt for a comparison with other programming languages."

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