Engaging Essay Topics on Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow

Best Essay Topic Examples on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow wrote a human need model almost a century ago. Let's take a look at how relevant it is at the moment.
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Sep 14, 2023

The topic of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a popular subject in the field of psychology, and many students may struggle to write about it without help. However, experienced writers from custom writing services are knowledgeable about this concept and its application in different areas of study. While some critics may argue that Maslow's pyramid is outdated or irrelevant, it remains a widely studied and discussed topic.

In marketing, the pyramid is used to assess the market and segment the audience according to their needs. To effectively analyze this concept, it is essential to understand the structure of Maslow's pyramid, including its various components and the arrangement of stages. Choosing this topic for an essay presents a unique opportunity to conduct your research and determine your perspective on the famous psychologist's theory.

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What Should I Know About Abraham Maslow?

Abraham Maslow is a prominent American scientist and a father of humanistic psychology. His theory of needs has found wide use in economics. Moreover, it became an integral part of the study of motivation theories and consumer behavior concepts.

Abraham Harold was born on April 1, 1908, in New York. His parents were Jewish people who earlier immigrated to the United States.

Abraham was often bullied for his atypical appearance and behavior that didn’t comply with the established systems. The psychologist described himself as a withdrawn, lonely, and unhappy child. He faced anti-Semitism, under attack for his religion. As a result, his only friends were the books from a local library.

After graduating from school, he entered the New York City Lyceum, taking up evening law classes at the same time. Later, Abraham entered the University of Wisconsin, namely the Faculty of Psychology. There he was engaged in research in the field of experimental behaviorism.

The views of his two scientific mentors - Max Wertheimer and Ruth Benedict have influenced Maslow's activities. He referred to the works of these scientists while conducting his psychological research. Thus, in 1943, in his article “The Theory of Human Motivation”, Maslow suggested his own system of hierarchy of human needs. A detailed explanation of this theory was later given in the book “Motivation and Personality” published in 1954.

Since 1951 he has been working as chief of the Psychology Department at Brandeis University. The students admired their new professor. Still, despite his immense popularity among young people, Abraham's articles were often criticized. He was accused of publishing erroneous theories.

Having died on June 8, 1970, from a heart attack, the psychologist was never able to implement his original ideas.

The Creator of that Famous Pyramid

Maslow's pyramid of needs is a well-known concept that tries to answer the question of what motivates us to perform particular actions. Maslow's hierarchy is often illustrated in the form of a pyramid, where the lower levels consist of basic needs while the upper ones refer to the higher desires.

The needs that underlie the pyramid are basic physiological desires. The need for security, love, and friendship becomes a crucial factor when moving higher along Maslow’s Pyramid. On top of the construction is the ambition to distinguish oneself, also known as self-actualization.

The Father of Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic psychology is aimed at studying rational, healthy, harmonious personalities who have reached the peak of their development, the limit of self-actualization. According to Abraham Maslow’s theory, human relations are based upon their unstoppable desire to help each other survive.

Humanistic psychologists consider people as self-conscious and harmonious beings. Each person is the creator of his inner world, free from suffering and problems. Thus, everyone must be perceived as an integral and self-sufficient individual focused on building his ideal self.

The Explorer of Peak Experiences

The feeling of peak experience is probably familiar to most people although few know exactly what it is. As most of human life is characterized by relevant stability and boredom, such moments rarely go unnoticed.

Maslow indicates that peak experiences are especially enjoyable and inspiring moments in the life of every person. He’s sure that they are often caused by strong feelings, exceptional impressions, or supernatural events. Indeed, poets perceive such peaks as moments of ecstasy and creative uplifts while religious people undergo deep mystical experiences.

The Founder of Self-Actualization Concept

The study of self-actualization occupied a central place in Maslow’s psychological research. He described it as a state of mind when people are deeply immersed in thoughts trying to use the maximum of their potential.

Self-actualized people invest all their energy and forces into achieving the highest goals of the pyramid. Among the common features of self-actualization are:

  • complete devotion to experience;
  • refusal to comply with the established behavioral patterns;
  • readiness to leave the comfort zone;
  • desire to perform the work as well as it is possible.

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Comprehensive List of the Most Captivating Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Essay Topics

There is no doubt that psychological essay writing is a complicated process. Even much more difficulties can arise while choosing a topic for a future article. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a non-aging classical concept that is always interesting to analyze. Below are some specific topics you can refer to when working on your essay:

  • Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs: employment of the concept in marketing.

The hierarchy of needs is an integral part of modern marketing strategies. It is a helpful instrument for market analysis and audience segmentation. If a major goal of the marketing campaign is the promotion of a particular product, the focus will be placed upon the need that it meets.

Describe the operation of this pyramid in the field of marketing using some real-life examples.

  • Following Maslow’s Pyramid to Achieve Personal Happiness.

Happiness is a phenomenon that most people are willing to attain. According to the theory of a famous psychologist, it is necessary to follow a strict sequence of levels in order to get to the top of the pyramid.

Try to investigate whether there exists a real interdependence between the hierarchy of needs and happiness.

  • Critical Analysis of Maslow’s Humanitarian Theory.

Maslow’s theories were constantly criticized for the lack of empirical support. In addition to that, the hierarchy is too inflexible as it is designed to cover the needs of different personalities.

Try to find the existing pitfalls that complicate the theory's understanding.

  • Maslow’s Educational Ideas: Implementation of the Pyramide in the Process of Learning.

The psychologist paid special attention to the development of a student’s personality during the process of education. He claimed that studying is closely connected to each level of human needs and desires.

Find out how the hierarchy of needs refers to self-development and describe your hypotheses in the article.

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How to Find Relevant Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Essay Topics?

To create a high-quality article it is necessary not only to be aware of the topic you have chosen but also to use tactics that keep the reader engaged. Here are the most useful tips that you can use to find your best topic:

  • Do not complicate things. When writing academic essays about psychology or other fields of science, try to employ simple vocabulary. People like to read about difficult phenomena without much brain strain. Try to describe everything in plain language.
  • Focus on the most important facts. Avoid switching from one question to another. It is always better to narrow the theme of the text and describe only interesting details.
  • Do not be afraid to criticize. You are free to conduct your experiments when writing the essay. If the views of a person you are talking about do not comply with your personal beliefs, try to express your disagreement in the proper language.
  • Check the veracity of facts. Make sure that there are reliable sources of information where you can find the materials for further analysis. Remember that using false facts in your essay is a violation of academic integrity. Thus, ensure you have a lot of data at hand to start writing.


The choice of an essay topic usually appears to be one of the most difficult parts of writing. It can be a problem not only for inexperienced students but also for skilled writers and journalists.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a psychological concept that opens up an array of opportunities for creating an engaging article. The theme can be looked at from different angles whether it be a criticism or compliance with the author’s opinion.

If you are not sure what to talk about, have a look at the tips mentioned above and get rid of your doubts. Here is a shortlist of topics you can dive into in your essay:

  • Modern application of Maslow’s theory: market analysis and segmentation of audience.
  • How to attain personal happiness using Maslow’s concept.
  • Analysis of the concept’s relevance: hierarchy of needs topicality in the modern world.
  • Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs in the process of education.

All these topics are interesting to discuss, so they will definitely be useful for those who want to create a good text. Do not forget to refer to the writing recommendations too if you want to increase your grades and achieve flawless results in your studies.