50 Astrology Essay Topics: Immerse Yourself in Astrology

50 Astrology Essay Topics

A unique system of studying the Cosmos, nature and man’s fate, astrology dates back to the earliest period of human history.
Elizabeth Shirley
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May 1, 2023

It is assumed that people started observing the sky in the Lower Paleolithic period – then, they identified the seasons of the year.In the 23rd – 22nd centuries BC, Arab astronomers studied several lunar eclipses. All those three phenomena overlapped with the change of three successive rulers of ancient Sumeria.

Thus, it was believed that the eclipses predicted the change of power. In those days, astrology was a mystical teaching, but it was then that the basis of scientific knowledge was created. It was astrology that accompanied the birth of all great civilizations. In ancient times, the exploration of the starry sky was carried out by priests. Their wisdom was considered secret and passed on from generation to generation, but the circle of the trusted people was kept small.

Later, astrology was studied by the outstanding scientists of Babylon and Assyria, Ancient Greece and Egypt, India and China. This way, Pythagoras, Plato, Cicero, Seneca, Aristotle, Claudius Ptolemy, Hippocrates, Avicenna and many others learned its secrets.  

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Astrology supports the idea that the whole world is a unified system and its parts are closely connected. Thus, natural cycles affect the rhythms of planetary movement. Studying these cycles, it is possible to predict what will happen at a particular time and how the course of events will look like.

Also, another sphere worth studying is the astrology of personality. It states that each person has chances to define their own path, and its options can be described in the birth chart (horoscope).

Any event can be interrupted by free will. Thanks to astrology, we can get necessary information and warnings that help us avoid something or, on the contrary, realize the plans and intentions.

No doubt, all this makes astrology particularly interesting for college students who have open minds and are willing to broaden their horizons further.

50 Astrology Essay Topics Suggestions To Choose From

How is astrology research different from other school subjects? As it was mentioned earlier, astrology is related to various fields. So you will definitely have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to write outstanding astrology essay topics.

It is also important that many topics are poorly studied or completely unexplored, which allows you to become a pioneer in this matter. You might be inspired by one of the following:

  1. The Essence of Astrology as a Cultural and Historical Phenomenon
  2. How Do Ancient People's Beliefs Relate to Astrology?
  3. Successes of Ancient People in Studying Astrology
  4. Ancient Astrological Practices: Do They Have a Right to Exist?
  5. What Principles Were Laid by Ptolemy 2000 Years Ago?
  6. How Did the Fates of Nations and Kings Change Because of Astrology?
  7. Major Stages in the Development of Astrology and What Makes Them So
  8. Characteristics of the Development of Astrology from Ancient Period to Our Time
  9. Why Did Philosophers Refuse to Observe the Starry Sky?
  10. Hard Times for Newtonian Physics, or Modern Stage of Astrology
  11. Astrological Knowledge Base: Perspective of Different Ages
  12. Astrology: Its Subject, Object and Functions
  13. A Look at Astrology from the Perspective of Philosophy and Religion
  14. The Connection between Astrology and Religion
  15. What Unites Astrology and Religious Practices
  16. Developed Astrological Systems: The Reasons for Their Origin
  17. The Rise of Newtonian Physics and the Decline of Scientific Astrology
  18. Calendar Astrology and Astrology Omens: Their Evolution and Prospects
  19. What is Modern Astrology Characterized by?
  20. What Are the Key Aspects Behind Astrology?
  21. What Can Astrology’s Musings Offer, Based on Examples?
  22. Can Astrology Describe the Negative Character Traits of the Zodiac Signs?
  23. Zodiac Signs of World Rulers and Leaders
  24. Would History Change If Hitler Had Another Zodiac Sign?
  25. Why Didn't Astrologers Stop Hitler Knowing His Zodiac Sign?
  26. Talents and Traits of Various Signs
  27. Is Astrology a Science? Pros and Cons
  28. Scientific and Extra-Scientific Knowledge: What Do They Have in Common?
  29. The Connection Between Astrology and Other Sciences
  30. Astronomy and Astrology: Are They Different Disciplines?
  31. Can Astrology Change Our Life?
  32. How Does the Moon Affect Our Habits and Lifestyle?
  33. A Look at the Psyche from an Astrological Perspective
  34. Archetypical Psychology: Its Basics and Functions
  35. Natal Chart Trends Used in 2021
  36. Horoscopes in Magazines: Is There Any Truth In Them?
  37. Can Esoteric Be Called Rational: An Astrological Perspective
  38. Rationalism in Psychology: Its Foundations
  39. Similarity As A Basic Principle Of Astrology
  40. Can Ontology Be Learned With The Help of Astrology?
  41. The Role of Free Will in Hindu Astrology
  42. Contribution of Nostradamus to the Development of Astrology
  43. Zodiac Symbolism and Its Role In Modern Astrology
  44. Astrology in the 21st century: Characteristics and Perspectives
  45. Influence of Astrology on Contemporary Art
  46. Should Astrology Affect Our Way of Thinking?
  47. Predictions by Medieval Astrologers: Did They Come True?
  48. The Four Elements and Their Key Characteristics from an Astrological Perspective
  49. Why Is Astrology So Popular These Days?
  50. Studying Astrology: Where To Start?

Of course, the field is so in-depth that the list of astrology essay topics can be endless. As you explore it, you may discover things you have never heard of before. Or vice versa, you can ensure that your earlier understanding was right. In any case, deep research always leads to interesting results.

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Resources to Help you Write A Brilliant Work

Despite the fact that many researchers consider astrology a pseudoscience, many see its excellent potential for understanding the Universe, our destinies and human nature And that is why there is a wide range of sections which differ in tasks. Perhaps some of them will inspire you to complete your astrology topics:

Natal astrology predicts the main trends in the person’s destiny, their character traits, talents, predispositions, etc.;
Synastry astrology deals with how the relationships develop;
Medical astrology studies health issues;
Electional astrology suggests the best moment to do something;
Mundane astrology predicts how states and nations will evolve;
Vedic astrology is associated with Ayurveda, yoga and other esoteric studies;
Astropsychology is a combination of astrology and psychology, based on the theories of Carl Jung;
Karmic astrology reveals the causes of certain problems (debts, diseases), and also determines the purpose of people’s lives, their mission.

Once you select the theme, you need to find books that describe the foundations of astrology and then move on to scientific research. Here’s a list of such resources we’ve prepared for you:

  1. The Only Way to Learn Astrology, by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers, 2018
  2. The Eagle and the Lark, by Bernadette Brady, 1998
  3. The Inner Sky, by Steven Forrest, 2012
  4. The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, by April Elliott Kent, 2016
  5. Planets in Transit, by Robert Hand, 1980
  6. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope, by Sue Tompkins, 2002
  7. The Twelve Houses, by Howard Sasportas, 2009
  8. Astrology: Sense Or Nonsense?, by Roy A. Gallant, 1974
  9. Fundamentals of Astrology, by M. Ramakrishna Bhat, 1988
  10. Astrology: Art and Science, by Sandy Anastasi, 2013

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Scientific Articles That May Be Handy

Astrology topics are closely related to various sciences and religions, ancient spiritual practices and modern techniques of self-improvement. Why does interest in astrology grow over time?

The answer is simple – it’s the eternal desire of a person to know their future and ways of shaping it.

Thanks to astrology, it is possible to realize how various spheres of life are connected and get a broader perspective on many things. It also gives a chance to observe the cosmic order in our chaotic life. Knowing what the future has in store, many people feel more self-confident and calmer.

So, what do scientists think about this? We have compiled a list of articles worthy of your attention:

  1. Astrology and Modern Science: A Critical Analysis, by Lawrence E. Jerome, 1973
  2. The Scientific Evidence of Astrology, by Abhinav Kashyap, 2019
  3. How Astrology Paved the Way for Predictive Analytics, by Philip Ball, 2020
  4. What Makes Some People Think Astrology is Scientific?, by Nick Allum
  5. Significance of Astrology In Our Lives, by Rumani Saikia Phukan, 2015

Extra Books For You to Read

From ancient times, astrology was considered as a means for determining the fate of a person by the position and movement of the stars. The famous astronomer Ptolemy wrote the foundational textbook, covering many astrology topics.

Interestingly, the scientist believed that the location of the stars does not determine destiny entirely, as the main choice still depends on the person. And what do you think? In case you are still wondering, if it’s true, here are some materials to get acquainted with:

  1. Seeing Stars: Harness the Power of the Zodiac, by Stella Andromeda, 2019
  2. Astrology for the Soul, by Jan Spiller, 1997
  3. Vedic Astrology for Beginners, by Pamela McDonough, 2020
  4. Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune, by Chris Brennan, 2017
  5. Astrology, Karma and Transformation, by Stephen Arroyo, 1992.

To Wrap It Up

The universe is a system where everything has its laws. According to astrology, those who know the rules can choose what’s better for their present and future. In our modern world where everything changes so fast, people are in a constant hurry. Many find themselves in difficult and even desperate situations. That is why astrology becomes a helpful tool.

We hope that the materials and astrology essay topics mentioned in the article will be useful for your research – be free to use them. And let the world be amazed by your discoveries!