SAT tips

Read this article to discover some tips for the new SAT that would really work for you! Our recommendations deal with not only the test itself. On the contrary, these tips will help you during the preparation process, the day of the SAT test, and even after you fill in the last answer. Enjoy the reading, and good luck!

SAT study tips

Tip 1. Focus on Your Weaknesses

It is always a good idea to improve your strengths. Yet, don’t forget to work on your weak sides as well. During the preparation, you will see that some moments are harder for you. Your task is to work more on your problem areas while holding them back during the exam. To make it easier, create a list of the weak spots you have while you are preparing. In such a way, you will not miss anything and improve your knowledge.

Tip 2. Practice More

Teachers like to repeat that practice is critical if you want to succeed. We cannot but mention that this tip is the simplest and one of the most effective SAT tips and strategies of all. Keep on practicing all the time until the day of the test. Most importantly, you should record the time to see if you manage to answer the question in 1-2 minutes. A solid time-management skill will do good for you during the SAT test.

Tip 3. No cramming the day before the test

Don’t put away any material for the last day before the exam – the chances that you can bone up everything in one day are pretty small. If you practice all the time and attend the classes, you will be able to pass the exam. What you can do on the day before the SAT test is to have a good rest, eat healthy food, and have a walk. Your brain did a good job, and it’s time to have a break.

Tip 4. Try to Eliminate All Wrong Answers

Remember that only one answer is correct for each question. So in case you are not sure about the correct point, just start eliminating. Think twise! All incorrect answers are incorrect for strong reasons, it’s your job to carefully find those reasons until you narrow your answers down to one correct possibility.

Tip 5. Focus on your usual mistaces

Take time to understand every mistake on practice questions. Be attentive to the causes of making mistakes and recognize how you can avoid them in the future. It's half of the work you need to do for getting a good score on the test!

Identify the category of your usual mistakes:
  • Time pressure(don't be in hurry in any case)
  • Content weakness(Did you usualy answer a particular type of question wrong?)
  • Careless error(don't miss the words “except” or “least”)
  • Question comprehension issue

your main task is to understand your issues completely to fix all problems and to achieve positive changes in your SAT scores!

SAT Preparation Tips

Tip 1. Some Anxiety Is Fine

You will be nervous before and during the test – just take it easy, it is okay to be anxious a little. At the same time, if you feel that your anxiety and emotions gain the upper hand over you, you should do something about it. First and foremost, take a deep breath; this will calm you down and pull your thoughts together. Now, you can focus on the questions. In many cases, however, students can take advantage of anxiety. Sometimes you just think better and react faster thanks to nervousness.

Tip 2. Make Sure You Know About the Test Format

Make sure you do know the format of the test before you enter the examination room. Things to consider are as follows: the structure of the test, the timing, and the required documentation. You should also find out about the time of the breaks you will have between the sections. Knowing the format of the test and our new SAT tips will help you do a great job.

Tip 3. Stick to Your Schedule

Don’t run yourself ragged during the preparation. The best way to remain productive is to stick to your usual schedule. For that reason, when creating a to-do list of your preparation tasks, pace yourself, go to bed as usual, and don’t stuff yourself with junk food, energy drinks, or coffee. This tip will also contribute to your inner tranquility.

Tip 4. Prepare Your Bag for Test Day

Now, this part is essential. It is better to organize your bag the day before the SAT test. Your bag should contain the following: your documents (admission ticket and ID), calculator, and batteries just in case, and stationeries. Also, prepare some snacks and water for yourself. It is better to have some light and healthy food just to have a bite on the breaks.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

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Last Minute SAT Tips

Tip 1. If you know the question – Answer it Right Away

Each section will have both easy and challenging questions; therefore, make sure to answer all the easy ones at the beginning. In such a way, you will save more time for harder tasks. At the same time, leave some marks near the question you consider complicated so that you can find these quickly.

Tip 2. Consider the Wrong Answers too

This tip is one of the most useful SAT testing tips. Specifically, for those who find themselves in a situation where they don’t know which answer to choose. So, a possible way to handle it is to find the wrong answers. Look at the variants you have, exclude the least appropriate ones, and you will have your answer. Keep in mind that there is only one correct answer for each of the questions you have in this test.

Tip 3. Be Attentive when Reading the Questions

When some students hurry to finish the section on time, they may read the answers inattentively. You have been preparing for the test practicing your timing. Thus, there is no sense to complete everything in a rush. Make sure you understand the question and always read it to the end. You should answer the question only after you are 100% sure you got it right.

Tip 4. Avoid Writing On Your Answer Sheet

One of the critical SAT test tips states that you should not write on your answer sheet. Many students ignore the recommendation of the administrators and leave some marks on their answer paper. However, your test paper is going to be analyzed by a machine, and your remarks may bring some distortion to the check. So, have a booklet near you and fill in the answer paper, when you finish all the tasks.

Tip 5. Take Advantage of Your Test Booklet

As a follow-up of the previous tip, bring your test booklet to organize the entire exam better. If you have the booklet in front of your eyes, you can cross out the answers and make your remarks. Don’t get upset with spoiling the booklet – you paid for it and can use it the way you want. Also, it is an excellent idea to use the booklet when you have some doubts about the question and try to make up your mind by eliminating it.

Tip 6. If you Don’t know the Answer – Guess It!

Remember that you are no more penalized for guessing – it was the case with the older version of the SAT exam. Now, you are free to guess the right answer! However, this is one of the tricky SAT test tips, so do it wisely. Remember about the rule of elimination, where you find the wrong answers and leave the one that seems to be the most appropriate.

SAT test tips

Tip 1. Take Breaks between the Sections

Now, this tip will be one of your favorite SAT test-taking tips. Your task is to relax and have some rest. Don’t skip the breaks and use them to calm yourself down, have some bite, and drink water. There are two breaks within the 3-hour SAT exam. These are not too long; however, they are enough to refresh yourself.

Here is more about SAT test length.

Tip 2. Double-Check Your Answers

Always check your answers after you finish the section. This tip also deals with your time-management skill; thus, watch your time and have some minutes to check your answers. Why does it matter? You may forget to fill in some answers, or you may want to come back to the problematic tasks.

Tips by Sections

Reading Test
  • do the passages in the order you want;
  • read the passage introductions;
  • come up with your own answer before looking at the choices;
  • refer back to the passage don't try to rely on your memory.
Language & Writing Test
  • watch out for agreements;
  • concentrate on in-sentence punctuation;
  • figure out the style;
  • speaking of a passage’s style, consider the whole passage.
Math Test, No Calculator
  • brush up the common squares, the exponent rules, and the cubes of numbers;
  • review how to divide fractions without calculator, rewrite fractions, and to find the least common denominators;
  • get comfortable with variables;
  • try not to confuse inequalities and equations.
Math Test, with Calculator
  • remember that all of the questions in this section can be solved correctly without using a calculator;
  • use the tried-and-true test-taking method if you get stack;
  • take each % one step at a time: increase or decrease, be careful with it;
  • pay attention to the statistical questions that don’t require any calculation. Instead, it may test your reasoning skills.

After the Test

Only One Tip. Remember: You Can Take the Test Again

Additionally, it's important to note that each time you retake the SAT, you'll need to pay a fee. Therefore, it's essential to prepare well in advance and take practice tests before registering for the actual exam. If you're feeling overwhelmed or need some extra guidance, consider seeking help from a reputable SAT tutor or prep program. They can provide you with personalized tips and strategies that can help you achieve your target score. Don't hesitate to reach out to Studyfy for any academic assistance, including sociology essay writing services, help with argumentative essay, custom research paper writing service, and pay for essays.