How Long is the ACT test

The ACT test requires your good knowledge, discipline, and excellent time-management. If you've ever used essay writing services because of your busy schedule, you know how important time-management skills can be. It might be hard to divide the ACT test time wisely so that you can pass the test with the bright colors. Therefore, in this article, we dwell upon the ACT section times. Learn more about the useful hints that will help you to cope with all the sections on time.

When Do You Need To Arrive

The first thing you should remember is that you can’t be late. If you're usually late with an assigment, custom writing essays services may help you get the job done, but this type of situation is a bit different. In case if you arrive later, you won’t be able to enter the testing room.

For that reason, make sure you wake up early, and it would be better if you come to a needed location beforehand. For instance, the administration lets the students in at 7:45. Thus, you may arrive at 7:30 but not later than 7:45.Importantly, check whether you have your ID and admission tickets when you leave your house.

There is no way you can get down to your test without these two critical documents. The same goes for admission essays when applying for college, they can't be left out - you can always order admission essay to increase your chances of success.The administrators will ask you to handle the ticket and ID during the check-in procedure. After the registration, the test itself begins, specifically, between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.Calm down, pull yourself together, and proceed with the first section.

What Time Does the ACT Start

All in all, there are four mandatory sections of the test, which are English, Math, Reading, and also Science. There is one more section – Writing – that is optional. The compulsory parts last for 2 hours and 55 minutes.

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How long does the ACT Take

How long is the ACT with Writing section? If you decide on completing a Writing section, keep in mind that it will last for 40 minutes. So, if you want to pass all possible parts, including the optional one, the ACT test will take you 3 hours and 35 minutes overall.

What Time does the ACT end? There are two breaks during four tests, so the end time is 12:15. And if you take the Writing test, it will last till 1:15.

How Long is Each Section of the ACT Exam

The ACT English Time

As it always happens, the first section will race by! Make sure you calm yourself down, concentrate on the assignments, and don’t freak out. The students have 45 minutes for their English test, and 75 questions to cover. You will start the first section at 8:30 and finish it at 9:15.

So, what is the best way to prepare for this part? First of all, you need to learn how to spend your time on all the questions. For this, you need to practice before the actual day of the test. The best practice is to take the training test without a timer – this will help you to see your actual speed. Then, gradually decrease the Time to 45 minutes.

Note that if some question blindsides you, proceed to the next question. There is no way you can stick to one specific point, as this will steal your time only. It is better to come back to this question in the end.

ACT Math Time

The Math section consists of 60 questions, and the students have 60 minutes overall. The part starts at 9:15 and ends up at 10:15. At first, it may look as if one hour is not enough given it is mathematics. In reality, however, you can easily pass the section, if you watch your timing – this will be especially helpful in the end, if you would like to revise the written answers.

The key idea is to practice before the actual ACT test. Again, start with your real pace and continue practicing to reach your desired speed of writing the math test. This section requires your analytical skills, so don’t get distracted. At the same time, don’t get nervous if you think you don’t know the answer; this can undermine your spirit.

ACT Reading Time

How long is the ACT with the reading section? The main idea of the Reading section is to make sure the students will manage all the amounts of longreads during their first year. Your Reading section starts at 10:25 and lasts till 11:00. The overall Time for this part is 35 minutes.

Now, everyone knows that it is hard to concentrate during reading when you know that you have a time limit. Nevertheless, this section might be the easiest in terms of preparation for two reasons: you can practice it anytime and anywhere.

You will have an answer and a passage. Some people prefer scanning the passage first and then reading it. Yet, it is better to read the question and analyze its main point first. In this way, you will be able to concentrate on the details that will later help you answer the question.

ACT Science Time

The Science Time is a logical continuation of the previous section – you need to read the passages and then answer the questions. So, don’t lose your reading speed after the third test section. The students have 35 minutes to finish seven passages and related questions. The beginning of the Science part is at 11:00, and the ending is at 1:35.

The only difficult moment of this section is that these seven passages are likely to contain some infographics, graphs, or charts. Don’t panic, though! While preparing for the science part, take your Time and find scientific articles that include summaries and graphical envisionings so that you can practice analyzing new material.

ACT Essay Time

How Long is the ACT test with writing? The ACT Writing time is an optional section. To find out whether you need to complete it or not, check the requirements of the college you chose. The students are not very fond of essay writing for some reason; however, it is not that hard at all. The writing part lasts for 40 minutes: from 11:45 till 12:25.

The best way to prepare yourself for the last section is writing, of course. However, it is not all about writing: you must learn the right structure of a good essay and find some writing tips on how to nail it. Here are some of the recommendations you may find helpful for yourself:

  • Create an outline.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Don’t distract from the topic.
  • Use paragraphs.
  • Revise your grammar and punctuation in the end.

ACT Breaks

As we have already mentioned, there is a break during the four compulsory sections.

How long is the ACT test with breaks and how to be prepared?

Specifically, the students always have a break before the Reading section, lasting from 10:15 till 10:25. In case if you are taking the writing part, you will also have a five-minute break from 11:35 till 11:40. The breaks are a great time to refresh yourself and relax a little (but not too much). So, the students should use these mindfully.

Before you leave your house for a test, take some snacks (banana or sandwich) and water with you. It is hard to concentrate on the test when your stomach is complaining. Besides, it will make you feel uncomfortable in front of the administrators. As for water, don’t go too far with it – you’ll have to stay in the class for several hours.

Note that there also might be a fifth section that is used to question the students regarding the ACT test format. This section usually lasts for 15 minutes or so. The administrators need to collect the answers so that they can improve the quality of the exam in the future. So, you can share your impressions and recommendations regarding the format of the test.

How to Deal With the ACT Test Length

Even though the ACT time limits make the entire test rather compact, the whole test does last long. Therefore, here are some helpful recommendations for you to be prepared for it:

  • Work on your time-management to cope with all the sections in the allotted time;
  • Your breaks are for taking a rest so, use them wisely;
  • Practice the parts separately at first, and then, try to cover the entire exam at once;
  • Don’t skip your breakfast, however, don’t overeat as well;
  • Make sure you have a good sleep before the examination.

The ACT test length is the average time required to fulfill all the assignments. Therefore, it is something you surely can handle. Follow the advice, focus on the result, keep positive, and good luck!