September 13, 2021

Why are state symbols used in chemical equations

A. They identify how much product will be made

B. They identify what phase the substances are in

C. They tell which reactions will happen and which won’t

D. They tell how the atoms are arranged in the substance

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Daniel W.

"B-They identify which state the substances are in." Further details on the products and reactants can be determined by looking up at the state symbols. Within chemical equations, they assist in determining the physical state of elements and compounds. The compound or element's solid, gaseous, liquid, or aqueous state can be easily determined if state symbols are incorporated in chemical equations.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

State symbols, as discussed earlier on, are representations of the reactants used in a chemical reaction. The main reason why the state symbols are used is that they tell how the atoms are arranged in the substance or the chemical reactant.

Rebecca L.

Answer A) They are used in a chemical equation to identify elements and atoms in a chemical formula easily. Thie symbols consist of one or two letters which are derived from the chemical name of the element.

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