September 8, 2021

Which world history periodization fits with the big history field of historical study?

A. Prehistory- modern era

B. Stone age- industrial age

C. Beginning of time- present

D. Pre Colombian- contemporary age

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Daniel W.

The solution is C) beginning of time- present. Significant History is a historical field that wishes to "comprehend the history of the universe, earth, life and humanity in a unified and interdisciplinary manner." Therefore, from Big Bang to today, she analyzes everything. Their representatives claim that people cannot understand the universe and the meaning of things by isolating knowledge in fields. They strive to find a method to connect and explain everything coherently.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

It was the beginning of time-present—extensive History, which has support from different ranges of varieties as the field of study. The multidisciplinary explains the human heritage with the help of studying the society and the culture. The Big Story approach is given aid y the study of anthropology and social studies.

Rebecca L.

"C-Beginning of time-present." Big History is indeed a discipline of historical research that aims to comprehend the history of the Cosmos, humanity, Earth, and life in a coherent, interdisciplinary manner. As a result, it investigates everything from Big Bang to today. Their proponents argue that by dividing knowledge into fields, humanity will not comprehend the universe and its purpose. They are attempting to integrate and analyze everything in a logical manner.

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