June 17, 2021

Which will result in a difference of squares?

A. (–7x + 4)(–7x + 4)

B. (–7x + 4)(4 – 7x)

C. (–7x + 4)(–7x – 4)

D. (–7x + 4)(7x – 4)

No items found.
Neat W.

A difference in squares is given by (a^2-b^2), every problem that can be factored as the equation is a difference of squares problem, so one need to find which numbers squares, (a-b)(a+b) or (a+b)(a-b) thus the equation C, 





Thus, the problem has taken the factored out square shown. 

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Jacky M.


(–7x + 4) (–7x – 4)

49x2 + 28x - 28x – 16


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