February 8, 2021

Which type of essay does not require that you examine and analyze secondary source documents?

A. DBQ essay

B. Free response essay

C. Globally thinking essay

D. Process essay

E. Thematic essay

No items found.
Dr. Susan Martinez

Free response essays do not need examining and analyzing of secondary source documents. These types of essays need one to indicate a belief, an opinion and give examples, although they permit one to select a conversant topic. This is why many critics debate that language proficiency relatively defines the quality of answers to this type of essay.

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Purity J.

The correct answer is B - Free response essays do not need analyzing of secondary sources. Process essays also may not need examining and analyzing secondary source documents if you are good in a topic. This is because these types of essay need one to relay phase by phase instructions for performing a task or process. Therefore they do not need you to evaluate secondary sources since it is their procedure that they are explaining.

Allan T

Free response essays do not need examining and analyzing secondary source documents. This is because these type of essay characteristically enquires about an opinion or belief of a person. Additionally, they are typically applied in school and employment applications, thus justifying why they do not require evaluation of secondary source documents.

Which essays need secondary source info?

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