February 8, 2021

Which topic or issue would be most appropriate for a four- to five-page research paper?

A. Animal rights

B. Medical testing on animals

C. When john muir started sierra club

D. Activism in the us

No items found.
Natalie K.

The most appropriate topic for a four-to-five page research paper is “medical testing on animals”: This is a relatively shorter research paper that will make a short introduction with the stance of the researcher, the body of the essay will mainly be argumentation and conclusion is the restatement of thesis.

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Answer D is the best answer. Activism in the US is a broad topic that requires more pages to explain the activism in the United States. To discuss this topic, some data has to be collected, and a comparison is made. It may include comparing different campaigns done in different years to discuss such a topic.

Marissa L.

D) Activism in the US would make a good paper for a five page essay. Currently, there are many controversial debates in the country. For example, human rights activism, Black Lives Matter movement, and animal rights activism that advocates for the rights of animals, and many more. As such, a researcher should be able to write a four-to-five page research paper on a single one of the topics. The degree to which any topic affects the society means more research into the topic.

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