February 8, 2021

Which research question would be most appropriate for a four- to five-page research paper?

A. Are teens that play sports less likely to have jobs at the same time?

B. Would cutting extracurricular activities anger students?

C. Is there a correlation between extracurricular activities and grades?

D. How many teens participate in extracurricular activities every year?

Natalie K.

Would cutting extracurricularactivities anger students?” is a research question appropriate for a four five-pagere search paper. A short research paper does only require narrow-scoped research question; that will cover fourto-five pages or take 10 to 48 hours of research. For example, the question will only focus on the emotional effects of cutting extracellular activities to students.

Ken Chandler

Answer C is correct. To answer the question, "Is there a correlation between extracurricular activities and grades?" research is necessary. The research will therefore require more pages of analyzing and presenting the data to give a perfect answer. The question, therefore, becomes the best for a five or four-page essay.

Marissa L.

C) Is there a correlation between extracurricular activities and grades? A research into this topic allows the researcher to venture into the physical and emotional well-being of the student. As such, one can build up the topic up to four or five pages by taking on this research question and finding a way to answer it.


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