April 23, 2021

Which of these statements best expresses the carpe diem theme in literature?

A. Make the most of life while you can

B. Don t cry over spilled milk

C. If at first you don t succeed, try again

D. Where there s a will, there s a way

No items found.
Michelle W.

The best statement among the four that best suits Carpe Diem's theme in literature is, make the most of life while you can. In it, the young ones are encouraged to live a happy life found in education travel, organizations, or gyms in the twenty-first century.

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Taylor M.

A. Make most of life while you can. Carpe Diem can be translated to plucking out something, and in literature, it is associated with enjoying life to the fullest on any given day. Literature has the element of reflecting society.

Marry W.

The Carpe diem theme in the literature suggests that one should make the most of their life while you can. It acknowledges that life is precious, and time does not wait for anyone to live a meaningful life by giving life everything you got to avoid regrets that might come later.

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