February 8, 2021

Which of the following skills is most important in learning how to write a research paper?

A. Knowing how to use proper grammar

B. Knowing how to use the Readers' Guide

C. Knowing the rules of proper punctuation

D. Knowing how to plan before you write

Natalie K.

D. The most important skill in learning how to write a research paper is, knowing how to plan before you write: Planning a research paper involvesten key steps such as searching a topic, surveying the literature, drafting research questions, compiling sources, citing the sources, outlining, formulating the research roles, collecting evidence and drawing conclusions.

Ken Chandler

Answer B is the perfect answer. Before writing any essay, the writer must be a good planner. Planning helps the writer not to exceed the number of specified words. It also helps the writer to write an organized essay. An organized essay is easier to understand and also takes less time to write.

Marissa L.

D) Knowing how to plan before you write is the most appropriate answer. Planning allows the writer to get all the necessary content in regards to the research paper. Also, one is able to plan the subsections of the paper and how the points will flow from one paragraph to another.

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