Which of the following phrases best describes east Germany after world war ii?
February 17, 2021

Which of the following phrases best describes east Germany after world war ii?

A. close ties with the united states

B. democratic form of government

C. communist economic system

D. capitalist market economy

No items found.
Daniel W.

Answer С: After WWII, East Germany practiced a communist economic system. Practicing such a system was because it was considered a "Soviet occupational zone" and Soviet puppet-state. Consequently, it had a command economy. The governing communist party, SED, formulated all decisions and policies. Thus, the system resulted in ruinous economic outcomes due to its inflexibility.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

The correct answer is communist economic system. The defeat of Germany in World War II resulted in the division of the country. West Germany taken by the US, France, and the United Kingdom became the Federal Republic of Germany, with a capitalist system similar to that of the rest of the West. On the other side, Soviet-occupied East Germany became a communist bias country.

Rebecca L.

C: Communist economic system is a phrase that best describes East Germany after world war II. The defeat of Germany resulted in the division of the nation, west and east. East German was governed by Joseph Stalin, who ruled under a communist economic system. A group of farmers worked for the government while women were urged to give birth to add more workers.

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