September 8, 2021

Which of the following is one of the three main guidelines for writing?

A. Offer description that's based on one of your senses.

B. Minimize details.

C. Include all details, even if they may not be relevant.

D. Stick to your subject.

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Daniel W.

The answer is D) Stick to your subject. Being precise and involved directly in the subject enables you to respond correctly and effectively to your writing. A sketchbook is meant to help you write your paper; it is not meant to be read. Make sure you provide the readers with sufficient details to shape their thoughts.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Sticking through the subject is the main guideline to which writing should stick. Following the outline that is given in an essay could greatly help in delivering on the topic presented. It is okay to depart from the idea, but it requires a particular relation to the subject matter that was initially submitted.

Rebecca L.

"D-Stick to your subject." When writing a paper, among the most important aspects to remember is that everything said should be related to the theme. Going off subject, no matter how smart or truthful the statements may be, weakens the argument's impact and causes more harm than good. Instead, each sentence should be tied clearly and explicitly towards the point being made or to the theme.

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