September 8, 2021

Which of the following events directly led to the writing of the declaration of independence?

A. the Battle of Lexington

B. the Stamp Act

C. the Battle of Concord

D. the Boston Tea Party

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Daniel W.

The "Stamp Act" is the only event in the issue that led directly to the authoring of the Independence Declaration. The Stamp Act was used to fund British military forces against France and India stationed in post-war American territories. The settlers protested the tax being applied. They asserted that they had never been frightened of the French invasion and believed they paid for the UK's conflict with France and India.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

The event that led to the writing of the declaration of independence is The Stamp Act. It was passed to help Britain raise money from her American colonies. The taxes were collected from everything, including newspapers and the direct taxation led to an uproar in America, leading to revolution. The act was met with violence and economic retaliation.

Rebecca L.

"B-Stamp Act." The Stamp Act paved the way for the Declaration of Independence to be written. The Stamp Act was a British law of 1965 that placed a direct tax on British North American Colonies. Colonists were vehemently opposed to the Stamp Act. They believed the British had infringed on their rights by imposing levies without their approval. The incident influenced the USA Declaration of Independence, allowing for organized colonial revolt culminating in the American Revolution in 1775.

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