September 13, 2021

Which of the following does not influence the effectiveness of a detergent?

A. Air temperature

B. Water temperature

C. Energy applied

D. The length and frequency of the treatment

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Daniel W.

"A-Air Temperature." The efficiency of a detergent is unaffected by the air temperature.  The temperature of the air does not influence the way detergents react to dirt. Detergent efficacy can be improved by changing the water temperature to the state of the garments. The mechanical energy can be applied during the washing process so that the fender-bender between dirt and detergent occurs faster, eliminating the dirt. Dirt gets removed more efficiently when the length and frequency of detergent treatments are increased.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Air temperature does not affect the effectiveness of a detergent. A detergent used to wash can be affected by water temperature because it is through the water mixed in to clean. Air temperature does not act because the detergent does not react while exposed to the air.

Rebecca L.

Answer A) Air temperature: This is because air does not play a role in the reaction or cleaning process of dirt by detergents, so it is not an effective or ineffective factor in detergent cleaning.

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