April 22, 2021

Which letter starts the fewest words in the English language?

A. J

B. X

C. Q

D. Z

No items found.
Veronica K.

Q has the fewest number of words in the English language. Between letters J, X, Q, and Z, the letter Q starts only 80 words, followed by X, which starts 400 words, then J, which starts 1414 words, and Z, which starts 32,913 words in the English language.

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James E.

Letter X starts close to 400 words; this is the least number compared to the other letters. Samuel Johnson did not include the letter X in his dictionary. compendious dictionary published in 1806 had only one word starting with later X his update in 1828 rose to 13 until now they are 400

Samuel O.

 B. X

Although determining the exact number of words in the English language is extremely difficult, estimates placed the number at about 171,000 active words. If you flip through a dictionary containing all words, the section containing all of the words that begin with the letter X would be the shortest. Just about 400 words begin with the letter X.

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