August 30, 2021

Which is not necessary in a historical essay?

A. Argumentative thesis statement

B. First-hand accounts

C. Historical evidence

D. Interpretive claims

E. Properly cited resources

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Natalie K.

A. The Anargumentative thesis statement is not necessary in an historical essay. Anargumentative thesis statement is only necessary for persuasive orargumentative essay that requires a stance of the writer. However, historical essay involves a study question and thesis statement in the introduction part.  

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Ken Chandler

Choice B is the best choice for the question. For a historical essay, first-hand accounts are not necessary. The historical essays require cited resources, historical evidence as proof, but it isn't easy to get first-hand accounts. This is because, at times, the involved persons may have died or even forgot the events.

Marissa L.

D) Interpretive claims. In a historical essay, a thesis statement is necessary to show what the paper is all about. Historical evidence is important because it legitimizes any claim made in the paper. Every paper written in any higher education institution requires properly cited resources to avoid plagiarism. Not including the works cited page means that the paper is original and the information written is solely the researcher’s work.

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