September 13, 2021

Which diatomic molecule is formed when the two atoms share six electrons

A. H2

B. N2

C. O2

D. F2

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Daniel W.

"B-N2." N2 is the diatomic molecule created when two Nitrogen atoms share 6 electrons. Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7 and a configuration of 2,5. Therefore, nitrogen's outermost shell has 5 electrons. It requires three additional electrons to achieve the octet structure. Two nitrogen atoms combine to produce a diatomic molecule, each donating 3 electrons. The donated electrons are subsequently shared equally between the two, resulting in each possessing eight electrons in the outermost shell.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

N2 is a diatomic molecule that is formed when two atoms of nitrogen are combined. The atoms share six electrons between them. Nitrogen has an atomic number of seven; hence the electronic configuration of the atom is 2:5. Nitrogen, therefore, requires 3 electrons to obtain an octet state in the outer shell.

Rebecca L.

Answer B) N2: This is because both atoms obtained are the same, and if many different atoms are present, then the central atom will be placed to the left in the periodic table.

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