September 13, 2021

Which category does the ion po43 belong to

A. Monatomic cation

B. Monatomic anion

C. Polyatomic anion

D. Polyatomic cation

E. Monatomic ion

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Daniel W.

"C-Polyatomic Anion." The ion PO43 is a polyatomic anion. Cations have a positive charge, whereas anions have a negative charge. Since it possesses a negative charge, PO43 is classified as an anion. Monoatomic ions are made up of atoms from the same element, while polyatomic ions are made up of atoms from various elements. PO43 is polyatomic because it is made up of phosphorous and oxygen atoms.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

PO4^3 is the chemical symbol for a given phosphate ion that belongs to a polyatomic anion. The phosphate ion's structure contains more than one atom that has been combined through chemical reactions with an acidic agent. The acid reacts with phosphorus hence creating the phosphate ions that fall under the polyatomic anion.

Rebecca L.

Answer: C Polyatomic anion: Usually, cations are the ions that carry/have a positive charge, while the anions are the ions that carry a negative charge.

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