February 8, 2021

Where do supporting details usually appear in an essay?

A. In the introduction  

B. In the body  

C. In the topic sentence  

D. In the conclusion

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Dr. Susan Martinez

Supporting details commonly appear in the body of an essay. The usually appear in the body, which is the largest section of the essay and in which all ideas and thoughts are well explained. This means that one would be able to support and validate all the points that have been mentioned in the essay.

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Hannah Taylor

The body of an essay is the section in which all supporting details are presented when one is writing an essay. This is because all key points and thoughts are usually presented in this section, and it would be prudent if they are all validated and ascertained, and therefore there is the need to include supporting details.

Kelly Spancer

Supporting details commonly appear in the body of an essay. This is because the said section also contains the main points and ideas of the essay which require to be validated. The inclusion of these supporting details ensures that all points highlighted in the essay are valid and credible.

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