April 22, 2021

When a student studies the way the English language has evolved, the student is studying English’s

A. Alliteration.

B. Development.

C. Origin.

D. Repetition.

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Veronica K.

Development. A student studying English development studies the way the English language evolved. English development illustrates the emergence of the English language that rose from the vocabulary and dialects of Germans (Angles, Jutes, and Saxons) who invaded Britain in the 5th century C.E. English development also illustrates changes in the English language today.

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James E.

When a student studies English language evolution, the student is studying English development. There have been significant variations in modern English. There has been a rise to new words; hence English has developed. English is a West Germanic language that originated from Anglo Frisian dialects but has developed to modern English.

Samuel O.

B. Development. I assume the response is development because it describes how something develops and progresses over time. The Anglo-Saxon language, now known as Old English, began as a collection of 'Anglo-Fresian dialects' spoken by settlers in the Middle Ages in England and Southern and Eastern Scotland. English as a language has progressed significantly over the years.

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