April 23, 2021

What type of literature combines the amusing and the grim sides of life?

A. Informational writing

B. Satire

C. Realistic drama

D. Tragicomedy

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Michelle W.

The type of literature that combines both the amusing and the grim sides of life is a tragicomedy. The literary genre brings together comic and tragic elements.

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Taylor M.

D. Tragic comedy 


Tragic comedy associates seriousness with happy endings or humor. That's why it is stated as the one which combines the two life aspects. Characters in here have to change emotions

Marry W.

Tragicomedy is a type of literature that usually merges the amusing and tragic sides of life. This is a literary device standard in fictional works containing comedy and tragedy. These characters are typically exaggerated, and sometimes, it ends in a happy ending after a series of numerous sad events. It uses jokes throughout the story to lighten up the mood of the audiences or readers.

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