February 8, 2021

What section of a research paper should contain the main idea?

A. The body

B. The conclusion

C. The title

D. The introduction

E. The bibliography

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Natalie K.

D. The section of the research paper that contain the main idea is the Introduction: We all understand that the introduction of the research paper is the embodiment of thesis statement. Thesis statement is the reason why certain ideas are true; in other words, it is the encapsulation of the paper’s main pint or idea. The main idea should be restated in the conclusion.

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Ken Chandler

The body (A) is the part of an essay that explains the main ideas about the essay. The length of the body is determined by the number of ideas that the writer has. The body is made up of a supporting sentence and supporting evidence. The supporting evidence must be supporting the topic sentence.

Marissa L.

D) The introduction should contain the main idea for the research paper. Undergraduate and graduate students are required to know how to write a compelling introduction. It serves as the summary of the research paper. As such, the reader should know about the content of the paper by reading the introduction. The introduction lays down a little bit of the background of the topic and concludes with the thesis statement.

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