February 8, 2021

What is the second step in the prewriting process for an argumentative essay?

A) Forming a claim

B) Finding evidence

C) Creating an outline

D) Developing an opinion

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Allan T

B - Finding evidence is the second after the developing an opinion. Then forming a claim is the third step in an argumentative essay's prewriting procedure. By formulating a claim, one would form the basis on which the essay would be based on that would assist the writer in coming up with an argument.

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Elizabeth Shirley

The correct answer is B. The next step is forming a claim and then establishing an outline is the last step in an argumentative essay's prewriting procedure. By establishing an outline for the essay, the writer would develop a clear and well-developed argument in the argumentative essay. This would ensure that the reader buys whatever the writer intends to convey.

Purity J.

Finding evidence is the second stage in the prewriting process of an argumentative essay. Ensuring that all sources are reliable and credible would ensure that all information gathered from them would be essential in the prewriting of the argumentative essay. This would also mean that the argument in the essay would be not only clear but also well developed.

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