April 19, 2021

What is an advantage of sexual reproduction?

A. Offspring are identical

B. Produces more offspring

C. Offspring are diverse

D. Produces fewer offspring

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Milly J.

(C) Offspring are diverse. Sexual reproduction has a great advantage over other types of reproduction. Sexual reproduction results in offspring that have varying genetics. This genetic variation contributes to the other advantages that sexual reproduction has, like easy adaptation to new, harsh environments. Diverse offspring also have a survival advantage.

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Ken Chandler

An advantage of sexual reproduction is that offspring are diverse. Sexual reproduction includes two parents and the linking of female and male gametes during the fertilization process. Offsprings inherit a mixture of genes, so they are not the same as their parents.

Justin V.

C. offspring are diverse. A kind of reproduction in which a haploid set of chromosome, a sperm cell gamete and an egg cell gamete combines to reproduce a diploid offspring with two set of chromosomes. Chromosomes carry genetic information that dictate or differentiate a certain offspring from other such that, the species being produce have unique adaptation to the new environment because of variation in their genetic make-up.

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