What does historiography suggest about history?
February 17, 2021

What does historiography suggest about history?

A. that it is a fact-based discipline

B. that it changes each decade

C. that it is open to interpretation

D. that there is only one correct interpretation

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Daniel W.

Answer C: Historiography supposes that history is always open to interpretation. Scholars can be predisposed to add their viewpoints to either concur or contest the existing historiography. It provides historians with various contexts to how ideas and events were viewed over time. Thus, context is vital to studying the subject because it nourishes historians' views concerning people, events, and ideas.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

That it is open to interpretation, historiography can be defined as history based on a rational analysis of sources. It is a term used to refer to history and its principles of the historical records. It is open to interpretation, and scholars can add their point of view.

Rebecca L.

C is the correct answer. Historically, historiography suggests that it is open to interpretation because it is a task-based on sensible analysis of different sources and validation of features found. Therefore, scholars are free to add their views to back up or argue against the given argument.

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