February 8, 2021

To construct an effective ending to any type of essay, you should

A. Ask the reader to take action

B. End on a note that's likely to stick in the reader's mind

C. Relay a humorous anecdote

D. Include an interesting idea and describe it in detail

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Elizabeth Shirley

For one to create an effective conclusion to any essay, they ought to end on a note that is more probably to stick in the reader's mind. For a particular essay to stick out from a myriad of another essay that is similar, then the author needs to end the essay using a good and unique punchline. This will make it easier for the reader to be able to remember the essay even after a long period.

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Prof. Gilbert PhD

Ending on a note that is probably to stick in the reader's mind is the most effective way to conclude any essay. This would be the most effective way to conclude the essay as it will enable readers to remember a particular essay out of hundreds of essays.

Kelly Spancer

The most effective way to end their essay is concluding a note that would stink in the readers' minds. This will make sure that the essay would still occupy the readers’ minds way after reading it, especially if the thoughts or events are relatable to the readers.

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