September 8, 2021

The step of the writing process that involves organizing your thoughts is?

A. Webbing 

B. Prewtiting 

C. Planning 

D. Brainstorming

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Daniel W.

The answer is B) Prewriting. Prewriting is the "creating ideas" portion of the writing process, where a student works for a target audience to define the subject and stance or perspective. Pre-writing should be provided as long as a student needs time to build a plan or outline for organizing materials for the final project.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Prewriting. It helps to generate a profusion of notes and resources to assist in the strategic writing of the first draft. Most students plan to start a draft pretty soon, leading to a poorly structured report lead to weak points in an essay.

Rebecca L.

"D-Brainstorming." Brainstorming entails scribbling down any ideas that come to mind. When someone consciously tries to come up with fresh ideas or answers to issues, they are brainstorming. It is a helpful preliminary stage in writing, whether imaginative, academic, or professional, because it lets writers know what is going into their works. Since ideas are perhaps the most vital resource within any discussion, brainstorming is an important aspect of the writing process.

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