June 17, 2021

The battle of English and Mathematics


I had $5.00 My Mom gave me $10.00 while my Dad gave me $30.00. My Aunt and Uncle gave me 100.00. I had another $5.00How much money did i really have?I won against Miesha Precious love

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Neat W.

The first section says initially he had $5.00 and the last part says he had another $5.00 totaling to $10.00 dollars. He received the rest the from her mom, dad as well as her uncle and aunt which totaled to $140.00


So in total I had $150.00 dollars. 

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Jacky M.

I had $5.00 My Mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My Aunt and Uncle gave me 100.00. I had another $5.00 How much money did I have? I won against Miesha Precious love"

The amount in possession is $0.00. The person in the picture is referring to the past tense by saying that he “had”. On the other hand, the question is asking the amount of money he has at the moment which we have not been provided with. We, therefore, assume that the current amount in hand is $ 0.00.

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