March 12, 2021

Sort each description by the type of RNA it describes

A. Contains an anticodon

B. Specifies the amino acid squence for a protein

C. Contains exons

D. Has amino acids covalently attached

E. Is a component of ribosomes

F. Is the most abundant form of RNA

A) a, b, d - tRNA, c - mRNA, e, f - rRNA

B) a, c - tRNA, b, d - mRNA, e, f - rRNA

C) a, e, f - rRNA, b - mRNA, c, d - tRNA

D) None of the above

No items found.
Milly J.

(A) a, b, d – tRNA, c – mRNA, e, f – rRNA, is the correct sorted description of the three types of RNA. There are various types of RNA, but the transfer RNA (tRNA), messenger RNA (mRNA), and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) are the most common ones for students in school to study.

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Justin V.

A. a, b, d - tRNA, c - mRNA, and e, f – rRNA. mRNA is formed during transcription, its single-stranded and complementary to DNA strand. It moves along with ribosomes to synthesis protein during protein synthesis. tRNA participates in protein synthesis because it has a special trinucleotide region known as anticodon that ensures the right amino acid is added during protein synthesis. rRNA catalyzes the translation process to synthesize protein. It’s part of the ribosome, travels along mRNA, and responsible for assembling correct amino acids.

Ken Chandler

The type of RNA can be sort by their descriptions. Transfer RNA has an anticodon, specifies the amino acid sequence for protein, and has amino acids covalently attached. Messenger RNA contains exons, and finally, ribosome RNA is the most plentiful form of RNA and is a constituent of ribosomes (

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