February 17, 2021

Richard Nixon did ALL of the following as president EXCEPT

A. be impeached

B. appoint four Supreme Court justices

C. travel to Moscow

D. resign while in office

E. visit the People’s Republic of China

No items found.
Daniel W.

Answer A: Richard Nixon was never impeached, although he was the first U.S. President to resign while in office. His was a scandalous figure due to his involvement with China and Moscow. In the end, the Watergate scandal led to his resignation. Notably, while at the brink of impeachment, Nixon resorted to resign; meaning, he was never impeached.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Be impeached. Richard Nixon resigned from office on August 9, 1974. He became the first and only time American President resigned from office. The resignation happened because of the Watergate scandal that affected his political support in 1973. He left office before his impeachment and removal from office.

Rebecca L.

The correct answer is A. Nixon was not impeached. He lost his political popularity in late 1973 due to the Watergate scandal involved. Later he stepped down from his political occupation in August 1974 before he was charged and removed. He stands out to be the only American president in history to have stepped down.

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