Organic chemistry is currently defined as
September 13, 2021

Organic chemistry is currently defined as

A. The study of compounds made only by living cells

B. The study of carbon compounds

C. The study of vital forces

D. The study of natural (as opposed to synthetic) compounds

E. The study of hydrocarbons

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Daniel W.

"B-The study of carbon compounds." Organic chemistry refers to the study of the architecture, characteristics, makeup, interactions, and generation of carbon-based organic molecules. Organic compounds are carbon and hydrogen-based molecules that may contain a variety of additional elements. Organic molecules are the building blocks of life and make up the vast majority of known substances.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Organic chemistry is currently defined as the scientific study of carbon compounds concerning their properties, react with other elements, and composition. The organic compounds contain various molecules, including oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sulphur, although rare.

Rebecca L.

Answer C) The study of vital forces. This is because the study of compounds is made only by living cells.

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