September 8, 2021

Nonfiction is writing that's based on

A. Imagination 

B. Rhythm 

C. Description

D. Fact

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Daniel W.

Nonfiction is writing that's based on D. fact. For instance, historical books are nonfiction, as are essays and encyclopedias, and many other writing genres, with true knowledge and facts that have happened for history, rather than using imagination, rhythm, or description.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Nonfiction is based on facts while writing. Writing about a historical period or event in an essay requires the actual facts that occurred during that period. The points give a difference between fiction and nonfiction writing that is found in novels and poetry.

Rebecca L.

"D-Fact." Nonfiction refers to any documentation or media material that aims to present just the reality and accuracy of information, occurrences, or individuals in a good-faith manner. Nonfictional content might be presented in a subjective or objective manner. The exact factual claims and depictions in nonfiction can be true or incorrect and can convey a true or misleading depiction of the matter in question. On the other hand, writers of such tales truly think or claim that they are true at the time they were written.

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