April 23, 2021

Nonfiction is considered a type of literature because it

A. Appeals to readers' hearts as well as their minds

B. Bases its overall plot on actual historical events

C. Is written for the purpose of informing readers

D. Is designed to share personal memories

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Michelle W.

Nonfiction is considered a type of literature because it is written to inform readers, present accuracy and truth of information, people, or events. Subjectively or objectively, it may be presented. The specific nonfiction factual assertions may either be accurate or not though the authors genuinely claim that they are exact and precise to convince their audience.

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Taylor M.

A. Because it appeals to the reader's hearts as well as their minds 


The reason for the above mention answer is because the storyline and characters end up connecting emotionally with the consumers of non-fiction

Marry W.

Nonfiction is considered a type of literature as it appeals to the readers' hearts and minds. This is a type of literature based on facts, and it forms the broadest category of literature. This forms of literature are easily relatable as it most highlights the facts that exist within a given setup.

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