Many authors help history come to life by including
September 13, 2021

Many authors help history come to life by including

A. Dates

B. Lessons

C. Anecdotes

D. Conflicts

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Steve S.

Many authors help history come to life by including anecdotes. Authors use the anecdote to heighten the empathy and understanding of the readers. They are interesting, memorable, and believable stories that increase the likelihood of readers agreeing with the author's perspective and opinions and enhancing the memorability of history.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Authors help history come to life by anecdotes to their stories—the stories included involving unusual events that reflect happenings of the same history in context. The extraordinary circumstances might consist of the strong characters who participated in the historical event. Through the anecdotes, authors make their stories appear as part of history.

Rebecca L.

Answer B) Lessons: This is because they reflect the happenings and make it like the story is really part of that history. They include accounts of the life of important characters, especially leaders.

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