February 8, 2021

During the revision process, which type of wording should a writer delete in a narrative essay?

A. Descriptive details  

B. Sensory details  

C. Specific language  

D. Vague language

No items found.
Prof. Gilbert PhD

Vague language should be expunged by a writer in a narrative essay amid the process of revision. This is because any essay, narrative essays included should be clear and straight to the point, and therefore the presence of any vague language should be avoided and if any is found in the revision process then they ought to be deleted.

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Kelly Spancer

In conducting revisions in a narrative essay, a writer ought to delete vague language. It is important that any vague language present in the narrative essay be deleted to ensure that the writer is clear enough to comprehend them.

Hannah Taylor

A writer in a narrative essay should purge vague language during revision. This is because such unclear language in the essay would prevent the narrator from being clear and result in the reader failing to comprehend everything that the writer intended them to.

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