Archetypes are a type of _______ that appear throughout history
September 8, 2021

Archetypes are a type of _______ that appear throughout history

A. foreshadowing 

B. prototype 

C. subgenre 

D. motif

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Daniel W.

The correct answer is D) Motif. Archetypes are a MOTIF type that has appeared in history. They transcend authors, therefore in two books of two different authors, you can find archetypal qualities. The archetypes of various works are sometimes culturally linked since the satirical judgment or critique of world events is part of a shared archetype.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

D) Motif. Archetypes are a kind of repeated topics in literature works. They generally transcend between different authors making the archetypal prints be found in works of various authors.  The archetypes found in multiple books are joined having a satirical revolution of disparaging the world. Thus, giving the piece a symbolic aspect that is located in the different positions.

Rebecca L.

"D-Motif." Archetypes are a kind of "motif" that has appeared throughout history because they indicate recurring themes or events that may be anticipated in some ways depending on their frequency. Throughout history, an archetype resurfaces repeatedly. It is a concept, a unique idea that has been used numerous times.

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