An outline for an informative essay should
February 8, 2021

An outline for an informative essay should

A. Use effective language

B. State the main topic

C. Smooth transitions

D. Include all relevant details

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Natalie K.

B. An outline for an informative essay should state the main point: thisis important because it helps in the organization of thoughts towards formulation of effective thesis; it also enlightens the reader on the topic. For example, the main point of the essay is the framework of the objective or purpose of the essay.

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Ken Chandler

Answer B is correct. The outline of an informative essay should include all the relevant details about the essay. The details may include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The body can be expanded depending on the points required to support the essay. The format used depends on the writer's preference.

Marissa L.

B) An outline for an informative essay should state the main topic. An academic essay with an aim to inform the audience should bear the main topic of the essay. The reader should know the content of the essay by looking reading the outline. The main topic also allows the writer to breakdown the topic into subtopics or paragraphs.

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