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What is the online word counter?

The count of words is a vital metric to track in a variety of situations. It plays a huge role in essays and other academic papers. At the same time, word count is vital in some professional writing fields, such as publishing, advertising, and legal proceedings. It becomes especially important when the text is meant for Google Ads, social media, apps, Google meta titles and descriptions, and other cases when certain word count limitations apply.

The word counter online by Studyfy is a free tool designed to help you calculate the count of words in your documents. Also, it can help you define the number of paragraphs, sentences, letters, and characters. And the best part of it is that there are absolutely no limitations on the number of attempts or words you can count with our tool!

What makes Studyfy word counter tool the best?

Our tool is the best choice for students and professionals due to the intuitiveness, user-friendliness, high speed, and accuracy. See other advantages of our tool.

Free word counter & no sign up

How often do you decide to use a free tool and stumble upon a long and tedious registration process? Forget about this with Studyfy! Our tool is free and you can use it without registration.

Fast speed & ease of use

The two most significant pros of our online tool are that it works fast and is super intuitive in use. All you need is to paste or type your text into the box and click the button. And that’s all, only a few simple steps!

One tool to calculate everything you need

Students, writers, bloggers, and other professionals who have to deal with certain word counts, will find all metrics they need in our tool. Although it is called a word calculator, it can also help you define the number of characters, sentences, and paragraphs. It is one tool for multiple purposes!

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Who is our text word counter designed for?

  • Bloggers and marketing specialists

    You can find this tool extremely useful for SEO-optimizing your website and articles. You can use the tool to ensure your ads, posts, and other texts are of the perfect length.
  • Students and teachers

    Students can use our tool for essays and other college papers with length limitations. Teachers can use this word counter to check if your students follow the length guidelines.
  • Content writers

    You can use this tool when writing articles in which the word count matters.
  • Other users

    Be sure, our tool comes in handy in a variety of professions or just for fun :)

Our customer reviews

Thousands of users have already tested our top word counter tool for academic, professional, and personal purposes and loved it thanks to a high speed, user-friendliness, and other pros. Here’s what they say:

It was a great idea to make this tool

I prefer to write essays by my own. And it always need to be the right lenght by words and by paragraphs.This tool helps a lot in such case: here is everything I need calculated in one click.

Customer ID: #458514
It was never taken so quick to check my work before:)

It helped me to be more productive in writing papers as a freelancer at my free time out of studying. It very quick and simple with everything that is needed to be in such tool.

Customer ID: #452734
Thanks for help

I use it regularly for my papers, and this is free and really good! Thank you guys, I start writing papers quicker since I started using Studyfy!

Customer ID: #458647
I always make a perfect job with it!

I prefer to write essays by my own. And it always need to be the right lenght by words and by paragraphs.This tool helps a lot in such case: here is everything I need calculated in one click.

Customer ID: #457130
Great tool!

Great tool! It calculate everything counts everything in the blink of an eye! I tried a lot of such services before I've find this one. The tool I’ve tried so far!

Customer ID: #450776

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