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Copy your text and paste it in the text area


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Watch your paper get scanned and compared to billions of web pages


Watch your paper get scanned and compared to billions of web pages


Advanced Plagiarism Checker Tool

Scanning your paper for plagiarism has never been so easy. This high-end tool provides a fast scanning process. And the absence of any fees allows you to check as many texts as you need and get reports in the shortest time.

Detects Every Type of Plagiarism

Studyfy detects the similarities in your text while ignoring commonly used words and phrases. Citation entries and reference lists are also left out, as they are not considered plagiarism.

Utilizes a Huge Database

Studyfy uses an impressive database for plagiarism detection: it searches for similarities across more than 70 billion webpages and academic publications. So, you may be sure that it’s accurate with report.

100% Confidential and Safe

Your paper will never appear in our database. After the checking process is finished, your document is deleted. There will be no traces of your text left on our site.

Enjoy the Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Use our plagiarism checker free without limitations. We will charge you nothing. You can run an indefinite number of searches with no word limits and get reports free of charge.

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Studyfy is your one-stop-shop for any homework help, essay editing and proofreading service! We have a vast pool of highly skilled editors ready to help you polish your academic paper and get you a higher mark. No errors escape their expert attention!


How Does Our Plagiarism Checker Work


Pre-check of the elements

First, it identifies different elements in the document uploaded by the user.


Recognition of deceiving techniques

Then, it uses anti-deceiving methods – finds Cyrillic letters, special symbols, portions of text with different colors. All these simple deceiving techniques are easily recognized.


Text Subdivision & Plagiarism check

After that, your document text is divided into smaller portions that are then compared with texts available in both the tool’s own database and in open sources throughout the Internet– using the advanced check option.


In-depth report on uniqueness

Finally, the checker creates a report in which all the results are included, along with the percentage of plagiarism detected. However, the report is to be revised by the user because the plagiarism detector highlights direct quotations as instances of plagiarism – which, of course, they are not. Still, there shouldn’t be too many direct quotes in your text, too. Use our paper plagiarism checker online to quickly find out how to improve your texts.


Why Should I Bother About Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying of a piece of content or an idea produced by someone else and either passing it off as one’s own or not mentioning the name of its original author. Plagiarism may be intentional – when one deliberately copies another person’s work, or unintentional – when one does not know that he or she uses an already existing idea.

The majority of people feel that plagiarism is wrong, and that feeling alone is enough to deter them. Still, there are some who don’t feel an ethical need to avoid it and are ready to risk it.

For students, getting caught on plagiarism may mean trouble like failing grades, academic suspension, or even exclusion. For professionals, the stakes are higher: their professional reputation may suffer irreparably


What Can I Do To Prevent Plagiarism?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what plagiarism is and what consequences it may bear, you certainly won’t allow it. To avoid unintentional plagiarism, follow the simple steps below.

Use Citations

It’s essential to add citations crediting the name of your source whenever you are using word passages or ideas that are not yours.

Paraphrase What You Don’t Cite

If you decide to use some information and ideas without referencing their sources, don’t forget to paraphrase – i.e., rewrite them in your own words without changing the overall meaning.

Come Up With Original Ideas

Using your own ideas is the best way to avoid plagiarism. If the ideas are unique and original, then chances of having plagiarism in your texts are close to zero. So, put enough effort into conducting your own research, assembling the facts, and thinking about your topic and its development.

Use Free Online Plagiarism Checker

After you’ve finished working on your paper, it’s essential to perform a final check. Even if you’ve done your best to make your work totally original, you still need a good plagiarism checker to ensure that your document contains no plagiarism. We recommend using Studyfy tool for this purpose.

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Quick, reliable, thorough, perfect editing

I had a deadline in 24 hours and was panicking till my friend told me about you, I wasn't sure, but the moment I started talking to you I felt better and the paper I received was 3 hours before the deadline I set and it was excellent!

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I use plagiarism detectors regularly

I use plagiarism detectors regularly for my research papers, and this free plagiarism checker no word limit works like magic! My professor has never had any questions regarding plagiarism since I started using Studyfy!

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I never plagiarize intentionally

But sometimes it happens accidentally, so I started looking for a research paper plagiarism checker. Using this plagiarism checker with percentage made me confident – thanks to it, I can submit my papers and be sure that they are original. 10/10 will use it again!

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Great software!

It really detects all kinds of plagiarism or similar words in the texts, and I’ve checked quite a few. What is also awesome is that it’s super quick – it takes just a few minutes to scan a long document. The best college plagiarism detector I’ve tried so far!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the plagiarism report at my college be the same as provided by Studyfy?

The report provided by Studyfy is similar to the one at your college. The differences are:

A more detailed report with a list of useful resources.

Our free online plagiarism checker for students is optimized for you to get a report with maximum details.

No access to colleges’ own databases.

Your college may have a database of its own with the students’ papers submitted earlier. Studyfy, as well as any other plagiarism detector, cannot work with such private databases.

Still, many academic papers and theses can be found in public databases. They are available to Studyfy, and it compares your texts with them, too.

How many times can I check my text with this tool?

As many as you need! Studyfy doesn’t limit the number of words or checks, so you can run as many checks as necessary to make your paper perfect.

What should the best essay plagiarism checker be like?

What is the best free plagiarism checker for essays? It’s a tool that works quickly, is student-oriented and easy to use, and provides a clear full report. All these features are combined in Studyfy’s tool.

What plagiarism score is acceptable?

This question is especially popular. The answer is, there is no official score, so it’s difficult to estimate what percentage of plagiarism is acceptable. Generally, if the report for your paper shows less than 9%, you may consider it a good result.

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Your safety and privacy is on our top priority list. We guarantee that none of the papers that you check with our tool will ever be copied and stored. With Studyfy, your documents and reputation are absolutely safe!

Also, if you ask the professional editors and proofreaders from our team to help you with an academic paper where some plagiarized content has been found, no-one but your assistant will ever find out about it.