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What Is a College GPA Calculator and Why Do You Need It?

A college cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated based on all points and credit hours earned for all courses within the program. Simply put, it is your overall GPA. Whether opting for a scholarship, or entering the workforce - your college GPA is one of the points that define success.

A GPA calculator for college translates all your grades into a point system and extracts your overall GPA.

How to Use

Using Our GPA College Calculator: A Detailed Guide for Students

Below you can find a list of steps that need to be taken to figure out your cumulative GPA. Check them out and follow along:

Enter Your Current GPA

To get started, type your most recent cumulative GPA and the corresponding number of credit hours into the relevant field.

Enter Your Course Name

Give a name to all academic courses you’ve taken during the whole program and enter their names into our tool.

List a Grade for Every Course

Choose a corresponding letter grade for each course from the dropdown. Remember, A and A+ are both worth 4.0.

Enter Your Course Credits

Specify the number of credit hours completed for each course in a semester. Don’t forget to include studios and labs.

Add Additional Courses (Optional)

If you are taking any extra classes, be sure to list them as well by clicking the “add course” button.

Add Additional Semester (Optional)

You may use our tool as the college semester GPA calculator. If your most recent GPA doesn’t cover all your semesters, you can add more by clicking the “add semester” button.

How Does It Work?

Once you fill in all the necessary details, our cumulative college GPA calculator will convert your grades into an overall GPA, considering all semesters and all courses. Studyfy college GPA calculator 4.0 scale uses the standard GPA scale that is widely used by colleges.

The formula is as follows:
(Total Grade Points) ÷ (Number of Classes) = GPA
The formula is flexible and may change depending on the provided details.

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A Free Overall College GPA Calculator by Studyfy

An overall GPA is one of the most crucial academic metrics. It defines whether you can graduate, receive a scholarship, or get the first dream job. That’s why it is vital to stay well aware of any changes. However, it can be rather challenging to calculate it yourself.

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We also have a new GPA calc for UF students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Really Free to Use College GPA Calculator by Studyfy?

It sure is! Studyfy is taking care of your budget, which is why students can use our tool with no sign up, absolutely free of charge, and without any limitations.

Is the Information I Provide When Using the Tool Being Used Somehow Afterwards?

No. Your safety and privacy are among our top priorities, which is why we give you a guarantee of confidentiality. All information you share with us while using our GPA calculator is always protected. Therefore, you can remain 100% confident that no one else will ever get access to it.

How to Pick a Reliable College GPA Calculator Providing Accurate Results?

It should consider everything that may influence your overall college GPA. If you try several tools that provide different results, pick the one you trust most. Or try free tools by Studyfy right away and you’ll never want to look further!

Does Cumulative GPA Calculator by Studyfy Provides Accurate Data?

Sure! Our college GPA cumulative calculator is extremely accurate. The data may variate only if a school uses its own scale to calculate college GPAs. However, that’s unlikely to happen since we use the most common scale used by the majority of colleges.