March 12, 2021

Which advance in biology resulted from developments in cell technology?

A. Somatic cells

B. Immortal cell lines

C. Aseptic technique

D. Tissue typing

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Milly J.

(B) Immortal Cell lines. Immortal cell lines are a crucial research tool applied in the cell biology and the biochemistry of organisms with multicellular characteristics. The biotechnology sector benefits from this too. Students must have all the details on the cell technology developments influencing biology advancements to pass an exam.

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Ken Chandler

Immortal cell lines advancement in biology resulted from developments in cell technology. They are termed ‘immortal’ to split an unrestrained number of periods in a laboratory cell culture plate as long as necessary cell survival circumstances are met.

Justin V.

A. somatic cells. Are cells obtained from a multicellular organism capable of undifferentiated forming an organism's body?  This cell divides mitotically and by binary fission. It has led to the advancement of stem cell and somatic cell transfer, has enabled the successful cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1966. New research is being carried out to differentiate human embryonic cells to regenerate worn out or damaged tissue in medical studies.

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