What is imagery in literature?
April 23, 2021

What is imagery in literature?

A. Descriptive language that appeals to the reader's senses

B. Examples that give more information about a certain topic

C. Feelings that are created through the use of specific words

D. Technical language that explains what something looks like

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Michelle W.

In literature, imagery is a descriptive language that appeals to the reader’s senses. It serves to create images in the mind of the reader, improving his experience through their senses. Metaphorical or figurative languages can be use4d to bring out imagery.

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Taylor M.

C. The feelings that are usually created through the use of specific words. Ideally, the standard definition of imagery as a stylistic device is that imagery is the use of words that can be interpreted in the human mind through the creation of pictures, take for example, if the author of a particular poem talks of a mountainous place, the readers can interpret that by bringing up images mountainous areas that they have ever encountered in their minds. Away from this, imagery can also incorporate emotions and senses that the mind can comprehend.

Marry W.

Imagery refers to the technical language an author uses to explain what something looks like. It is used to create images in the reader's mind to better fit in any given set of the story.

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