September 8, 2021

Sonnets written in English are most commonly written in

A. Lambic tetrameter

B. Lambic Pentameter

C. Lambic Hexameter

D. Lambic Dimeter

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Daniel W.

The answer is B) Iambic Pentameter. The sonnets are mainly composed in iambic pentameter in English. That implies ten syllables in a line, and iambic means the first syllable is always unstressed, and the next one underlines it. The sonnet is traditionally fourteen-line poetry based on an iambic pentameter using several rhyme schemes and adhering to a neatly organized theme.

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Tutor Jacky Flores

Traditional, the sonnets is a fourteen-line poem that was majorly written in Lambic pentameter. They employ one of several rhyme schemes and sticking to a firmly structured thematic organization. Each line is ten syllables long. It can be divided into three quatrains with a final rhyming couplet.

Rebecca L.

"B-Lambic Pentameter." The sonnet refers to a fourteen-line poem composed in iambic pentameter with one of the numerous rhyme schemes as well as a well-organized topic structure. The English sonnet, like the Petrarchan sonnet in Italy, is traditionally composed in iambic pentameter. Sonnets by subsequent English authors and also the first documented sonnets in English employed the Petrarchan style.

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